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Date published: July 9, 2019 at 7:49 am
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Normally I would write a novel when sharing my opinions on any topic, but I am unsure as to how many characters this review allows so I shall (try to) keep this short and sweet, just like Evie Jones. ;) I first met Evie two weeks ago (on Tuesday, 25 June 2019) and, being new to the world of escorting (or should that be the world of "punting" since I am a customer and not a service provider?), we actually did not end up doing anything other than talking on the bed (which was my own fault for taking fifteen minutes in the shower during a one-hour booking). However, for me, this was the perfect introduction to such a wonderful woman - Evie comes across as a very genuine young lady who knows exactly what a man needs (in every way), not just what he may want, and she is more than able to provide all of this for him.

Obviously I booked Evie in for another session the following week and because a gentleman does not kiss and tell (so sorry, no details will be forthcoming about the amazing sex we shared), all I shall say about our time together is that Evie is indeed the whole package: she is clearly photogenic as evidenced by her many profile pictures and selfies - but be warned that when meeting Evie in person her physical beauty will have you mesmerized (especially that cheeky smile, with her braces, which is just too cute for words); her intellect makes conversation easy and, to be completely honest, I have never thought of myself as a sapio-sexual because I know deep down that I am just like any other dirty old man who dares to dream about being in the company of a woman half his age! But in spending time simply talking with Evie I found her intelligence to be highly sexually attractive, and very arousing; couple these things (her beauty and her intelligence) with Evie's kind and gentle soul (she is so compassionate despite knowing all about the darkest corners of modern society), it is no wonder that I feel truly blessed to have met this amazing woman. And that's even before the sex... what a skill-set she has; they definitely do not teach that kind of repertoire in school! ;P

Thank you, my dear Evie, for being my first, and my guide, in this whole new world that I must now simply explore. I look forward to spending more time with you, if you deem me worthy - you are indeed a Queen! :) Fair warning to all the punters reading this: seeing Evie is not for the faint of heart because there will be a very real risk of you falling in love with this Evie "Kinder Surprise" - Evie is the perfect "girl-next-door" whom you could introduce to your parents, your family and your friends as "The One"... all the while cherishing in the dirty Evie secret between you and her that on the inside, in the privacy of alone time with you, Evie is actually full of surprises to fulfill your every desire and make your fantasies become a reality - and just like the chocolate treat, she may even have a toy or two for you to play with as well, if that is your thing! ;)
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