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Date published: March 16, 2018 at 10:00 pm
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Alice is an amazing woman. I’ve been seeing her regularly for awhile now and I felt compelled to finally write a review. The first time I met Alice I was so nervous and worried about how things would go, it was my first time seeing any escort. She immediately had me at ease because of the warmth, kindness, and understanding that she exudes with always a hint of some naughty, cheeky fun around the corner. I told her things on our first time together that I’ve felt ashamed to tell anyone, because she made me feel so accepted and able to trust her in such a short amount of time.

Since then I’ve seen Alice a lot and every time is a different experience, but always fun and exciting. I never know what we’re going to get up to when we meet but I know I’ll love it. One thing I think is important to mention is how genuine Alice is. She is great at her job, she enjoys it, and it shows. That is evident during every facet of your time with Alice; from acquainting yourselves to one another, to learning the ticks and quirks of a new person, and spending a fun intimate time together.

I’ll continue to see Alice for as long as she’ll allow me. Because she’s intelligent, compassionate, open minded, sexy, creative, fun, and someone I’ve grown to deeply respect, trust, and care about. Alice is a woman who is worth your time and attention, and values yours. This review still doesn’t do her justice in my opinion.
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