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Date published: June 25, 2017 at 10:41 pm
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Oh gosh, what can one say about Alice that hasn't already, and entirely deservedly, being said. A confident, beautiful, and intelligent woman with whom one is instantly at ease, and soon in bliss.

I first discovered Alice when last in Melbourne. Though my time didn't permit a booking then, her angelic blonde locks and remarkable physique left their impression. Following her on Twitter, I grew to appreciate what an enterprising and intelligent young woman she is. Over a year of anticipation later on my part, and a change of hair colour on hers, now a delightful redhead/strawberry blonde, we finally met. Was it worth the wait... absolutely.

For those who value discretion, I doubt anyone who sees in her public would realise what a playful woman she is. I was greeted in the foyer by an attractive yet unassuming woman with glasses. Goodness, there's a porter, a receptionist, and a librarian in the foyer, where's Alice? Lol, no I knew it was Alice.

Once behind closed doors, the coat and glasses come off, the hair comes down, and the redheaded sex bomb in these photos before you reveals herself. Warm and friendly from the minute she greets you, she's not afraid to set the pace and let you know what she enjoys, leading you to a wonderful time together of mutual pleasure.

It had been a grey wintery few days in Melbourne when I saw Alice, but adding a little of this Grey to your day will certainly brighten it up. It's a joy to share time with a woman as beautiful, playful, and intelligent as Alice.
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