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Date published: April 19, 2017 at 2:18 pm
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Whist this is my first ever review, I feel that it may pale in comparison with relation to recent reviews, but I will try my best.

I have had the pleasure of Alice's company on numerous occasions now, and each time has always  exceeded any expectations I may have had prior.

Alice is smart, funny, kind, caring, patient & understanding. Spending time with her is like time with an old lover, someone who you are instantly comfortable around, and have an immediate and strong connection with.
Not to mention she is also drop dead gorgeous! While her photos are always current & are stunning, they sadly don't do justice to what you see in person. There are not enough superlatives to truly describe her beauty properly, both inside & out.

Upon meeting you are instantly put at ease with a hug, or lovely gentle kiss from her soft lips, relaxing you whilst also starting your heart racing.

The conversation is always easy & flowing, as is the laughter and smiles.
It is a rare and true privilege to see someone who has this effect on you time & time again.

Without going into detail, each encounter is always truly wonderful and supremely satisfying, weather its just a social date, or a full overnight evening of bliss.

Alice is truly someone you don't want to miss out on seeing, if you have the opportunity.

Whilst I am no great writer, I do hope this helps anyone thinking of seeing Alice for the first time take that leap, and enjoy the wonder & beauty that is Ms Grey's company, or for men or women thinking of seeing her again, a lovely reminder of a wonderful time that you have shared together.
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