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Date published: December 29, 2016 at 8:15 pm
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I am not an industry veteran, and I have never thought about writing a review, until I met the dearest Alice Grey.

Since the moment her first message was received, I knew I was dealing with a beautiful human being, with a warm, lovely personality and the biggest heart. Alice posses the most addictive and enchanting personality, complemented with the most amazing sense of humour. It was proven so the moment Alice used her magic charm to transform a few minor issues with the doorbells into a very funny and enjoyable experience, and that was only the beginning of our date together.

Alice was always honest, true and open, portraying herself just as she is. Whilst Alice’s beauty could be intimidating and make the toughest hunter week on the knees, her bubbly, fun, adventurous and cheeky personality will make any person feel warm from the inside out. Alice is adorably quirky and geeky, down to earth, relaxed, friendly, sweet and caring.

Beauty and brains are the most incredible combination and Alice has plenty of both. Alice’s extremely developed intellect gives her the ability to engage in very interesting conversations; Alice is able to discuss deep scientific topics or laugh at the silliest jokes (and I had a lot of them).

The feeling of her silky, light blond hair on the fingertips is an irresistible smooth experience that is maximised by looking at her amazingly gorgeous, sweet and hypnotising eyes, capable of melting the strongest personalities. Her luscious soft, enticingly kissable lips posses the most enchanting and suggestive porcelain smile capable of lighting the whole room.

Alice’s skin is an open invitation to explore and get involved in the most seductively soft adventure. Alice’s body expires sensuality; her magnificent hourglass figure is not for the faint hearted. Sinfully feminine, sensually soft, smoothly curved and scandalously womanly with a peachy, round, soft, bumpy and delicious behind complements the perfect enrapturing figure looking fantastic in and out of clothes.

Alice is a classy, glamorous, educated and refined lady in public; behind closed doors, she is all you could have dreamt off. Alice will take you to your happiest place and will make it even happier. Therefore, I have been looking forward to seeing Alice again since the moment I said goodbye to her.

With my deepest gratitude,

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