testimonials for Alice Grey

Date published: October 11, 2016 at 7:50 pm
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Cheeky, curvy, charming from the first second and convincing to the last; Alice is the complete package. She was everything I could have asked for in an escort and so much more besides, exceeding every expectation with an ease and effortlessness that I wouldn't have thought possible.

Alice's past experience in massage is clear, but not in the way you might expect. She is good with her hands and has an electric touch, to be sure, but more important are the many ways that she massages you with her mouth. Upon meeting she lit up with a smile that didn't leave her face all night (mine still hasn't left). Then, she started using it to utter words that broke down my defenses, her intelligence and humour quickly diffusing any tension or awkwardness. Once we were relaxed she drew me in for a kiss, the start of a streak that would carry on through the night. Soft kisses, exploratory kisses, urgent kisses at climax; a constant, intimate connection. Alice's lips do a much sexier trick than tying a cherry stem, they tie the night together.

The kisses are a sign of just how much subtle work Alice puts into what always feels like a loose and free-flowing experience. While she was a totally charming dinner companion and it would have been satisfying simply talking Trump with her over a sipped scotch, what Alice offers is more than a mere 'Girlfriend Experience'. The assured intimacy of her touch and her confident, caring manner are those of a true professional; an expert playing a girlfriend, but somehow seeming more authentic than a real one. Her expertise meant that we could pause to chat or laugh without worry, since she could be relied upon to re-ignite the action and keep the night rolling, open but subtly-orchestrated.

She makes you feel special like her first and only client, but has the deftness and composure of a veteran, a perfect combination. Full of character and class Alice was the first escort i've seen and may well be the only one as, for me, there is no way in which the experience could have been improved. Except, of course, by a couple more hours in her company.
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