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Date published: September 26, 2016 at 2:58 pm
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I have been following the exquisite Miss Alice Grey on twitter for some time. After missing her on her last Sydney visit (through my bad planning), I was not going to let this happen again! Although the schedules proved challenging, Alice was wonderful in working to find a time that suited us both, and when we came up with an early morning coffee dalliance last Friday, that was perfect. I felt a little guilty and selfish asking Alice to be up so early, but I needn't have - Alice was more than willing to be accommodating and that set the tone for the loveliest of encounters - our first, but certainly not our last.
Much has been written about this nymph, and I have only two regrets - Firstly: that this review will probably sound a bit lame and superfluous because I can only repeat the superlatives already written in the other reviews; and Secondly: that we only had an hour to spend together on this first meeting.
I am sure that I could happlily have spent the whole day with Alice. Because we had such a short time (again, poor planning on my part to blame), we hardly got to talk much at all. Despite this, I got enough of a glimpse of the intelligence of his fime woman to know that I want more! Alice was so easy to talk to, is intelligent, articulate and non-judgmental. A mark of how quickly she put me at ease was that I soon forgot that this was our first meeting. That is no mean feat. I get very nervous at first meetings, or at least that is what usually happens. Not with Alice. I think is is her skill of being able to totally focus on her client that made me feel like the most important, lovely person in the world for that hour. Its hard to be nervous in the presence of such unconditional acceptance.
Gentleman, believe everything you have read about Alice's kisses. Prepare to be spirited away into another dimension and feel that you are in the arms of a lover you have known all of your life. The rest, I will leave unsaid, as it has already been said by others, and more eloquently. Alice is exquisitely beautiful and the touch of her skin is something I will not readily forget ... three days later and I can still feel it, and as I daydream about her, a smile lights up my face ...
I do hope that Alice's visits to Sydney are frequent, and I am saving up now for a longer encounter next time. Alice, you are the consummate courtesan. All class!
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