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Date published: September 25, 2016 at 11:11 am
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Alice grey
my meeting with this beautiful Lady is my second time i have spent some quality time and with many more meetings in the future what i have to say in my review about my experience also being able to have the privilage of entering Alices wonderland will never be a high enough complement or praise Alice enough of how much i enjoyed our meeting but i had to write something that i hope will cover also go towards saying thankyou for making my experiance / meeting with this young Lady that offers a true GFE service i must say when kissed by those sweet lovely lips its feels like your in heaven being kissed by an angel in which Alice truly is also so very sweet caring thoughtful and always during my meetings with her found that she can not do enough to keep her attention focused on you always makes you feel comfortable right from the very moment that you meet her for such a lovely young lady she is very intelligent well beyond her years is also very well schooled and is always wiling to learn more also has a very good memory for storing vast amount of imformation in which she later relies on not only in her studies but also in future meetings with her past clients to make future meetings even more enjoyable if that is possible because of the great service that she provide that makes you feel like you cant get enough of it becomes a in my opion a very healthy one in which i hope my review helps promote more of during my meeting not only did i find the above what i have already mentioned but also a highly attractive beautiful gorgeous lovely young woman that i cannot spend enough time with but also Look forward to so many more meetings and experiances into Alices wonderland that i will forever treasure with memories that will last a life time that i will forever be gratefull and it was a real pleasure all made possible by a true lovely young lady by the name of Alice

I would just like to say last but not least a well deserved
very big thankyou to Alices wonderland xoxoxo

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