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Date published: August 26, 2016 at 4:41 pm
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Are you up for a 2nd round?”, said Alice to me. I was staggered, but immediately took up the offer.

My girlfriend experience with Alice was a no holds barred 4 hours of total focus from her on me, the client. “Are you up for a 2nd round?” epitomised Alice's attitude to my bottom line experience, and came while we were cuddling and chatting after the most delightful 2 hours of foreplay and eventually sex and orgasms. I was mentally set for some nice chat time for the remainder of our booking, but the offer from Alice and the subsequent light foreplay built up the sexual tension and passion yet again, resulting in more sex and extreme orgasms for both of us, far exceeding expectations.

For me, Alice is a lady of many talents: -
- Alice is a great conversationalist, so before I knew it we were chatting along like two long term friends.
- Alice presents herself superbly as the girl-next-door, desirable but out of reach, and makes the dream come true
- Alice’s willingness to open up her conversation, facilitated an amazing build-up of intimacy and connection between us.
- Passionate foreplay and kissing included unfettered use of tongue.
(Alice describes herself on the internet as providing “passionate kissing”. Let me assure you that is deep-passionate kissing, and not "code" for something less.)
- Alice’s willingness to explore sexual activity led to a number of unique experiences for me. This included the “lady condom”, a great relief from the “usual” protection.

Alice obviously enjoys what she does and puts in 110%. There were no “I don’t do that” moments once we had discussed boundaries which were minimal and relating to anal. Along with this, Alice had a lovely demeanor, fronted by sparkling eyes and a cheeky smile. This was topped by an intellect which shines through, and helped us carry out our conversation in many directions, including football. (Yikes, sock horror - this was unusual with a sex worker).

Alice is an intriguing person, and a delight to meet and connect with. The girlfriend experience with Alice was intense and real, and fulfilled everything I desired and more. Whatever it is that Alice has, it is worth bottling. Thank you Alice!
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