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Date published: May 22, 2016 at 3:41 am
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Alice grey where do I start.
I first became aware of Alice grey on twitter in march of this year in which we both followed each other, at the same time in which we connected and exchanged tweets. then Alice announced in April that she would be planning on touring of Sydney on 20th-25th may. it was at that moment I knew that from what I had viewed on Alice's twitter and scarlet blue profile I had to act asap to set up a meeting with Alice because Alice would be in high demand while on tour of Sydney. I contacted Alice pretty much straight away to make a date and time in which I found Alice to be very professional in dealing with and accepting my preferred date and time. from my first contact with setting up my meeting to the time we meet and then unfortunately finished our meeting and departed I found Alice to be everything listed in her profile at scarlet blue and would like to also add to very polite well manned and spoken. also impeccable with a great sense of humour all of these things I have listed is what I expected Alice to be like and attracted me to and Alice by far exceeded all of them which made for a even more most enjoyable and fantastic time I had with the amazing Alice. the only regret or regrets I had about our meeting this afternoon is it was not long enough and our departure I could not speak highly enough of this fine lady miss Alice grey. but hope what I have said or say in my review covers or go's sum way of how much I appreciate Alice and the time we spent together today and I know that to its just the start. also I cant thank Alice enough for today I hope my review covers some or part of that of an unforgettable day with memories that will last and stay with me for a life time that I will always forever cherish

all the best & thankyou miss grey xoxo

thankyou miss grey
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