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Date published: May 20, 2016 at 4:55 pm
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Alice Grey - An Evening of Salivating Delight

In February this year Alice Grey and I followed each other at exactly the same moment on Twitter. It was a sign for a great connection, a funny moment and since then great fun communication has followed. I was drawn to her profile and her great website that clearly explains her lovely services, extremely good rates and of course a gallery that shows her beauty (droool). Throughout she has remained quite the follower and sent nice personalised supportive messages, even though we had not yet met. I knew it was only a matter of time when we would meet though as I had a great feeling she was something special. When Alice announced she was touring Sydney I was at first disappointed...only because personal issues were actually going to prohibit me from seeing her. However with the greatest of news anyone could ever receive and me being in Sydney it opened back up the opportunity to meet. I quickly booked Alice for the afternoon that she arrived as I wanted to welcome her to Sydney. Alice was more than happy to accept (very excited actually) and from that moment on yes you could say I was salivating at the idea of finally meeting her ;-).

Alice's communication prior to and on the day of her travelling to Sydney was flawless. I had been thinking all along that 2 hours was not going to be enough so I sent her a quick message before she boarded the plane to see if we could extend ...yes it was! I think we both smiled in unison from afar. Updates were flowing in and it soon led me to the opening of the lift doors for her to lead me up to her apartment right on time. I was greeted by this lovely smiling lady who literally was beaming. Dressed in a lovely bodysuit and these colourful pants that showed off her great figure (she had mentioned I might see them. Yes Alice I do notice the little things and appreciate them so thank you). That first embrace was great as it expressed the many months of flirtfull genuine fun we had been having in that one lovely moment. I was promised hugs and that she delivered from then and to the last moment when we parted.

Her apartment was great as it was quite large and looked out over the Western side of the city so we could watch the sun set as people busied themselves below in traffic. I was in pocession of a bottle of Vueve and a little personalised gift (from my favourite chocolatier who I believe make the best in Oz). We were able to enjoy those views a plenty as we enjoyed each other's company...I hope everyone enjoyed the view too as that was a little first for this guy (one of a few that day!) ;-P. Underneath Alice's bodysuit revealed a delightful Agent Prov lingerie set that was so pretty on her and really showed off her glorious body. I was not really ready for how beautiful she was going to be in person and I can only say that her pictures do show her extraordinarily well but in real life...oh my I do have a good eye. Yes that 'salivating' was only to be more and be very well utilised. We shared the bottle of Veuve over the course of what can only be described as an extremely passionate evening of genuine lust. Whilst we did have great conversation, as Alice is quite the accomplished professional person in another world we did very much enjoy each other immensely (we both could talk each other out I think!). The embrace was real, the kissing so sweet and her vision is to die for. Alice was a complete 'girlfriend experience' and actually even more.

If I could have extended I would have for a dinner date or longer very gladly but It was time and I had to be reluctantly going as real life called me back to reality. Before I left though I was happy to discuss different options for how we might catch up again...I look forward to that in the future. I have of course thanked Alice privately and openly but this man knows greatness and appreciates it when he finds it. Alice thank you for everything so far this year. You are incredibly great delightful company, very naturally beautiful, very much the open hearted person who I was very honoured to have met. I do look forward to when we can make that next time happen.

Mr L (toyburu)
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