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Date published: July 5, 2018 at 9:04 pm
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At times I can be quite trusting, naive & gullible as a person & for a long while I saw my time with a escort solely through my eyes,. That was until a escort revealed to me a different way of viewing the escort/client dynamic & for me it was a little like Alice stepping through the looking glass(no pun intended). Whilst it was enlightening it was also a reality check that I was to to channel my inner Tyler Durden not a unique & beautiful snowflake.

So normally when I write a review I ramble on about the booking process(how it was easy & straight forward), the physical beauty(she puts the sexy in sexiness), the person underneath that beautiful skin (sweet, kind, fun & intelligent) or the sex(wow, wow & WOW) & how ultimately the lady mentioned is worth your hard earned money & your precious time. For me writing a review is my way of showing my gratitude to the lady who has made me smile.

But certain recent circumstances have given voice to my nihilistic view of the world. I’ve come to believe our lives are just lovely lies. True love, money, religion or whatever we use to define our existence are just sweet lies we tell ourselves to give a meaning, a purpose to our existence that has none beyond the simple truth that we are born & we die.

So instead of saying how amazing my booking was with Alice & in all honesty it was a truely amazing experience. A experience filled with laughter, enjoyable conversation & lots of pleasure. The greatest compliment I can pay Alice is that now even though at times Instead of seeing on Twitter sexy pictures or educational information or humorous posts I feel like I’m Paul Muad’Dib in Dune & instead I see smart advertising & brand promotion or I'm Neo from the Matrix & instead of seeing in a booking a beautiful, sexy lady who makes me think I am a unique & beautiful snowflake & moans, smiles & laughs at all the right moments I instead see 1's & 0's. Well the time I spent with Alice made me realise that I don’t care that if we how define our lives is just a beautiful illusion, a lovely lie. My time with Alice took me back to when I was a kid & Santa Claus existed, dragons lived in the hills behind my grandparents house, monsters hid under my bed & anything was possible.
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