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Date published: October 16, 2017 at 11:03 pm
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I feel it is time for me to write about Aaliyah now, as i have had the priveledge of her company on numerous occasions.

Every time i see her it is like coming back to see a long lost lover, a Woman i am immediately comfortable in the presence. Which says alot as i am very shy in my daily life. Even when we first met mid 2016, she managed to get me out of my shell within the first few hours (in the past it has taken a few dates with a lady to be even close to how comfortable i am around her).

She has wisdom beyond her 25 years and while she can hold a stimulating conversation about almost any topic, she is also kind and understanding. I feel that i can tell her anything withour fear of judgement. She also has a great sense of humour, so you will find her smiling much more than her stunning photos.
While her photographs are really beautiful, they don't do justice to the bombshell in person. Seeing is believing, she really is a gift and i am glad she chose to share that with lucky gentlemen who get to share time with her like me.

Upon meeting, she will put you at ease with a big warm hug, relaxing any nerves that may be there.

Conversation always flows simply, i have never felt like i need to "try". And even when i am feeling down, Aaliyah puts me in a state of mind that nothing and nobody else matters in our time, whether that be an ambient dinner date or an overnight of heaven. There are never any awkward moments or times of silence with her lovely nature.

Every time we meet feels like our first date. Always breathtaking (literally) and most satisfying. There is often new experiences that come about. I am thrilled that Aaliyah is helping me explore my hidden sexual desires.

I will not go into explicit detail as that is not my nature and out of due respect for this wonderful lady. She is someone who you must see if the opportunity is there for you.
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