testimonials for Aaliyah Dell'aqua

Date published: August 29, 2016 at 8:36 pm
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I met the lovely Aaliyah this evening and was a little apprehensive about what to expect as her photos showed all quite serious poses but her past reviews indicated otherwise. Aaliyah welcomed me via the intercom quite cheery and was very friendly at the front door with a huge passionate kiss and started laughing from the beginning which put me straight at ease. She was dressed in tight sexy black lingerie as I had requested and was more elaborately dressed than any woman I had encountered before. As we kissed a lot she gave me hints what she really liked the most and I obliged which started to make her wet. During our passionate session Aaliyah slowly peeled off more layers of her sexy underwear to keep me guessing. Her nipples started to get more erect after some attention and she laughed even more. We then got into some serious mutual pleasure and she was very skilled in licking me in the best places until I could not contain myself due to pure pleasure and I then exploded. The long lead up though had been skilfully crafted by Aaliyah and it was a sensational build up. As promised I wanted her to cum also so I began to lick and caress her downstairs. Aaliyah knew exactly what she finally needed to bring her over the top which happened after a while, much to her pleasure as she certainly saturated the sheets with a gigantic orgasm, which made me happy also. We finished off with a very sexy close contact shower and I was starting to get hard again but lamented not making a longer booking. She is certainly one lady not to be missed and I would definitely see her again.
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