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Touring Brisbane 22nd June - 26th June

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    0481 254 395

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    178 cm

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    Low Volume Pro

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About me

Upmarket Mischief Classy Slut Low Volume Provider 4 Mature Aged Gents
Thank you for finding a quiet moment to explore my detailed read...

Proudly in my early 40s with a younger face & body with an exceptional attitude towards your needs / desires / wants.

I have always had a natural sexual appetite that attracts me to mature aged gentlemen. Therefore I prefer to enjoy my time with gentlemen in this category.

I make it a priority to let go of my inhibitions and to live freely. I once read of a character in a book who felt that living private and out of the public eye was the only way to live your life exactly as you wished.

Similarly I see this connection as our perfectly constructed opportunity to escape from reality, away from the insipid habits we all fall into, a new reality where you and I can do exactly as we please.

If your looking for moments of emotional passion to loud raw physical combat, whilst connecting with an upmarket discreet lady who is present, we are on the same page.

Yes I’m being paid for my time, but I understand you expect and deserve satisfaction. I have been told repetitively that I am that all too rare connection they have been searching for. The road travelled is not what I thought it would be as a young girl growing up in outback Australia but I have few regrets.

My innate ability to create a genuine relationship as an equal although initially unintentional successfully has created a lifestyle for myself that enables me to enjoy the company of affluent gentlemen.

You will immediately feel comfortable with a welcoming kiss and a genuine embrace.

Discretion is compulsory and guaranteed. I am attractive (not a supermodel but very attractive). I am happy to meet just prior to our first date for a coffee/drink on my time to ensure you are comfortable in your choice. I haven’t been asked to leave before, lol.

I am very open in person and I’m confident that is why I have established regular boyfriends.

How do you choose the Perfect ‘Date’, from this ever growing selection of Perfect Dolls on Scarlet Blue !!!! Men are visual yes but equally as important is communication! Your needs / desires / wants are obtained with a natural sense of familiarity due to my experience and our extended phone call(s) prior to our first date!

Most of the gentlemen I see are happily married and would like to explore new things with their wives but don’t want to rock the boat and create possible rejection. Come with me let’s sail into Upmarket Mischief Together. You will be returned a much better partner at home and dare I say within yourself.

Thankfully Scarlet Blue has enabled me to connect with Quality ‘boyfriends’ not quantity.
. . I am incapable of being a production line . . .as I’m simply not mechanical..

In my 20’s whilst studying abroad, I achieved a couple of degrees, I could be clever and say up my sleeve but I’m usually naked, lol. I would have never predicted I would have drawn upon my education to publish a ebook on Amazon - link in contact section.

I escorted at the most exclusive Agencies in London, Paris and NYC, catering on occasion to celebrities and other high profile gentlemen for extended dates. I am experienced but never cold. I have always enjoyed being part-time in this secret world.

I love mentally preparing for dates and the anticipation prior excites me. I love the fantasy as much as you will. I have the ability to connect with your mood. This fact comes natural to me as I am convinced through our established email connection (and/or phone conversion if you preferred) that I am meeting a friend, my lover for the first of our endless unforgettable sexual encounters where we will be both left satisfied, whilst being mindful this is your time.

I am passionate and read body (some say mind) language beyond well. Nothing says it like a kiss, my body is extremely responsive and I will know how to activate yours despite knowing no two lovers are the same. Your pleasure is my priority!

I have a successful business outside this industry and as such I do NOT have the time to give a full time relationship the justice it deserves! Hence my Lady Luck time is very precious to me.

If your prefer all the chit chat besides welcoming pleasantries are done prior in our established email or phone contact I will find it effortless to slip into the depths of passion and not say a word !



My Ebook Escort Dairies are Published on Amazon $ 10 UPMARKET MISCHIEF My Girlfriend Is Sporting A Magnificent Black Latex Catsuit on my ebook Cover
The Vagina Diner @readmylips $ 25 ONLYFANS - Join and Ask my how to Access Banned Content that was too Naughty for Fans !!
2 Hours $ 2000 Low Volume Provider - Career Outside This Secret World .


1 Hour $ 1000 FIRST DATES - Drink on My Time . . .
2 hours $ 2000 One Gentlemen on any One given day - Career Outside This Secret World.
3’s Company 2 $ 2000 Jaimme Discreet - Often Mistaken as Sisters!
5 hours $ 3500 UPMARKET MISCHIEF 4 Mature Aged Gents - 1/2 Social 1/2 Intimacy - Go With The Flow.
5 Hours Mischief, No Social Time, Straight Into It $ 5000 Experienced Passionate Adventurous Upmarket Mischief . . .
Overnight Sydney $ 6000 I LOVE Morning Glory . .
Extended Overnight $ 7000 For Those Boyfriends Who Are Not In A Rush In The Morning and / or Prefer an earlier Start.
FMTY Longer dates- $ TBA

LOYAL LOVERS - Rewarded with additional time.

Jaimee Discreet / Lady Luck
Often Mistaken As Sisters !!

PHONE CALLS - Let’s connect, break the ice, have a giggle, on a non obligatory phone call. I bet we will be checking our diaries before we hang up, he he.

INCALL- With notice a choice of discreet 5 star Incall maybe arranged. No walking past reception / car park straight to our room.

My face is hidden to protect our privacy.

Provided after deposit has been made - to ensure it’s a genuine booking and to keep my privacy. NO ONE - Has taken the return my deposit no questions asked option.


I do NOT tour in the traditional sense.
I choose to see one gentlemen on any one given day.

This is NOT my full time profession. I am equally keen for some ‘Adult Time’.

I am happy to drive to near by towns, farms, vineyards & cities. Although I’m internationally well traveled I’m still a country girl at heart. I find it effortless to drive for an exclusive tour.

I LOVE a good road trip!

I look forward to packing my mas table and my exceptional attitude towards your needs / desires / wants and spoiling you In your city.

My exclusive tours are extremely popular, for gentlemen who want to protect their privacy! They do not want to see a local girl, or a lady who frequently tours in his city nor a lady who shows their face all over the internet.

OUTCALL - Sydney
I am more than happy to meet on my time just prior to our first date, in your hotel lounge for a coffee/drink. I actually prefer it. You deserve to feel comfortable you have made the right choice before inviting me to your room. No one has asked me to leave before, lol . . .

Indulgent bliss -
(I do require 5hrs uninterrupted sleep).
10 hours (ish)

*Sydney or Interstate
For Gentlemen who are able to meet in the afternoon and not in a rush to get to work in the morning...
12 - 14 hours. go with the flow.

LICENSED INTIMACY COACH - Details in Service Section.

SECURE OUR DATE - 50% Deposit
You may change our date with notice if your schedule changes. If you cancel within 3 Days of our date your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel on the day the Gentlemanly Gesture you would assume you are to pay in full, especially if you were hoping to reschedule.

Thankfully my calendar fills up quickly so all dates must be booked in advance.

*I have a number of anonymous deposit options.


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Tuesday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Wednesday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Thursday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Friday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Saturday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Sunday Please contact for time Please contact for time
  • Please contact me for my availability
Advanced Bookings Essential
Career outside this secret world . . .

FMTY - Fly Me To You / IDMTY - I Drive Me To You

I am a Low Volume Provider.

I do NOT Tour in the traditional sense!

I choose to enjoy time with one gentlemen on any one given day.

Explained in detail in my rates section.


Australian Tours

To From Until
Sydney 5th January 20th June
Advanced Bookings - Career outside this Secret World xx
Brisbane 22nd June 26th June

International Tours

To From Until
London 30th June 7th July
WhatsApp Text Or Email to Arrange a Time to Chat xx
The Vagina Diner
Link in Contact Section

Available with notice
(Career Outside The Industry).

Popular for gentlemen who are super discreet and prefer to see a lady who does NOT show her face all over the internet !!!

IDMTY - I Drive Me To You
I’m happy to drive to nearby cities and towns that suit both our schedules

Your schedule is tight,
No problem !

I will drive or fly to you at a time suitable to you.

I’m more than happy to book a hotel in my name in your city to ensure your privacy.
(No Digital Footprint For You).

I choose to see ONE Boyfriend on any ONE given day.

I am NOT a production line type girl.

Quality NOT Quantity I am convinced this is why I have established ‘Boyfriends’.

* I am ALL Natural
* 5’10 (Taller In Heels)
* Healthy 60 Kgs
* NO Tattoos
* NO Implants (Natural Perky C Cup)
* NO Fake Nails - Freshly manicured always.
* NO Hair Extensions
* NO Fake Eyelashes -I refuse to look like a Camel
* NO Fake Eyebrows
- It’s NOT Sesame Street
- I refused to look like ‘Bert & Ernie’
* NO Fake Lips - I refuse to look like a Duck
* NO Botox or other Injectables,
- I LOVE facial expressions.
* NO Hiding in Heavy Makeup
*.NO Faking climax
* No NO I do NOT sound like a Fake Porn Track !!
Lady Luck - Private Escort Sydney


Preferred Contact Method

Now here’s the fun part, I get to learn a little more about you.

- Your Name
- Your Age Bracket
- Your City/Location/Hotel
- Preferred Time and Date

Please include everything you can think of that might be of interest to me about yourself In our time together.

Despite being overly confident I can connect with your desires please include your favourite "must have's' and your ‘I’m really hoping she does’, I want you to have an unforgettable first date.

Discreet uncomplicated time for yourself to be spoilt and recharge.


Myself and The Gentlemen/‘Boyfriends’’ I Enjoy time with, choose to keep our time Private xx

Thank you for taking the time to care.

You will be rewarded with additional time on our extended dates .

I have an extensive range of interest, I look forward to sharing them on a phone conversation on my time if you prefer before our date.

I thrive on having a handful of boyfriends, quality not quantity, low volume provider, a deeper connection.

WISHLIST . . . Hmmmm . . .

World Peace, kidding, although it would be nice.

Apparently it’s flattering. . .

However I do wish girls would stop mimicking my profile!

I suspect they don’t realise they are insulting your intelligence.
  • My Daughter
    Our Puppy
    Her Pony
    The Ability Of Providing A Private School Education for her.
    Health & Fitness
    Lifestyle Coaching - Positive Psychology.
    (I never under estimated the value of my education)

    Everyone needs some fun!
    I’m sexually proficient and understand this is your time to unwind, relax, enjoy and recharge. Being part of your/our escape is definitely one of my favourite things.

    SIDE NOTE - Upmarket Mischief My Ebook that is Published On Amazon, has a Hilarious Sexy Chapter of my ‘Adult’ Favourite Things . . . Link in Contact Section. xx

My Escort Diary


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