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BACKSTORY: Client 1 is a first time client. Client 2 is someone that has seen the sexworker multiple times before.

SEXWORKER: Oh what an awful day. At least I can look forward to a booking this afternoon with Client 1.
CLIENT 1: Oh I feel like something a little different today. There’s a full hour before my booking, let me text sexworker and change the booking up a bit.
SEXWORKER: Oh Client 1 wants to change up the booking. He hasn’t told me exactly how, what exact experience he is after so do I just grab toys? If I pull out whips, cuffs, restraints and paddles I wondering if Client X will freak out? Should I pull out candles? Maybe my safest bet is to just use toys?

CLIENT 1: What is this sexworker doing?
SEXWORKER: Oh crap, he doesn’t seem that into the toys or the booking. Maybe I should just give up trying to use the toys this booking and focus on doing what I do best and giving a girlfriend experience. Yes that’s the best I can do with absolutely no direction when he cannot tell me what he wants or doesn’t want to try.

CLIENT 1: That was it? Why didn’t the sexworker give me an incredible experience that was something I’ve never experienced before that she knew I would enjoy? I know how I can fix this, a bad review. Right, what can I pick at? Maybe I should start putting down the apartment. Was that dog food bowls I noticed? Yes, it was! Okay so I can bring that up first. Then she chooses not to offer a service I think that she should. That can be next but so that it sounds worse than what it was I’ll say that she wasn’t intimate and be nonspecific. Yes, that’s what I’ll do so that people that read my review take my side. I’ll write how she didn’t take the experience I wanted into consideration. Now to polish off my masterpiece I’ll add a little comment about not wanting to put her service down, I’ll gaslight.
SEXWORKER: Oh this review is absolutely horrible! Do people really feel that way about my service? Why didn’t he speak up during the booking? I’ve put so much into bettering myself to read comments like this about me on the internet.

CLIENT 2: Oh the sexworker feels extremely off today. Why does she keep running around moving things? And why does she keep pulling out all these weird contractions? I always enjoyed our relaxed time together but she seems as if she is just trying too hard today.
SEXWORKER: Oh crap! I forgot to move the water bowl for my pets. Did he Client 2 notice? Will he think I’m disgusting for forgetting? Must remember to put it back if I do move it quickly. Must remember. Have I pulled out enough toys and exotic BDSM gear? Will he like this? I would hate another bad review…
POTENTIAL CLIENT: Oh look at this review. There’s something negative about this sexworker so now I wont see her.

Every bad review that is given has a domino effect. It can drastically effect a sexworkers business and how she sees herself. When writing a review many forget that it goes beyond you. People both sexworkers and clients have off days. I highly suggest that you voice yourself to the sexworker before going to the lengths of writing a bad review.

Love always,
Kiara Edwards xx

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