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5. How to get the most out of an appointment

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Blog – How to get the most out of your appointment.

Hello lovers,

I enjoy seeing you all happy and want you to get the absolute most out of your time so below I have set up steps in which you can take to ensure that you get the BEST possible experience from a sexworker and the best way to get your moneys worth from any booking.

1. FIRST POINT OF CONTACT: The best advice I can give and the way I prefer being approached is with a straight forward message that includes details. A perfect message will include a date, time, place (incall/outcall) and any requests you may have. It helps a SW prepare when you give plenty of notice on what experience you would like and whether you want him/her dressed in a particular way. I know that when contacting and escort some people have said they feel bad getting straight to the point but you must remember that they are not like a woman from a dating app or someone you have been seeing. Sometimes writing to a SW with a simple “hi”, “hey bby”, “how are you?” can put you into a category you DO NOT want to be in. People who write short messages like that tend to be ignored more frequently thank someone who is more detailed and straight to the point. Not only does it put you into a negative category but it also makes the whole booking process slower and less likely to progress into a booking.

2. GIVE PLENTY OF NOTICE: In this industry notice is everything! The more notice you give the more time an escort has to not only prepare for you booking but the higher chance you will get your preferred time and day. The more notice you give the easier it is for an escort to plan your appointment and make sure she is fully prepared to give you the best tailored experience possible.

3. LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS: Us SW do try and make the whole process as easy as possible to avoid you getting lost or missing out on valuable time during the booking. Please listen and follow instructions to make the whole booking process easy for everyone involved.

4. OBEY A SW’S BOUNDARIES: This one is a BIG one. A lot of people have assumed that by pushing boundaries they will get more out of the booking or more for their money. This is actually completely wrong. When a SW has a client that listens and is respectful of her boundaries the more the SW will relax and able to enjoy the booking with you. There is nothing worse than having a booking where the escort is constantly jumping and flinching thinking you are going to try and push a boundary again.
Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you get the most positive and best experience possible from your SW.

See you soon lovers,
Kiara xx

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