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Date published: January 15, 2018 at 6:43 pm
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Early January 2018 brought another chance to strike a name from the bucket list.

…And to hopefully add that name to the ‘return list’ also; repeat sessions being my preference where possible.

Thoughts about the session dated back almost two months – to the time I noticed Sarah Stone would be visiting us here in Canberra to welcome in 2018. To the time I sent off the booking request.

Sarah had been on that list for a while – and that was based on her original images circa 2016. Her latest photoset is sensational, and appeals to me even more.

Sometime, possibly in 2016 or maybe even early 2017, I became aware of Sarah Stone as advertised at PG and SB. Melbourne‑based at the time, if memory serves. Certainly she is Melbourne‑based now.

The images caught my eye – how could they not? Bikini- or lingerie-clad, stylish poses, with large expanses of tanned flesh, and what appeared to be a superb taut and toned physique. Like a model or athlete, or perhaps a combination thereof.

Her profile content appealed also, being unusually clear.

Then in the second half of 2017 there was a new photoset and a tour notification shortly thereafter, for this recent tour to Canberra in early 2018.

So there was no question that I’d try to line up a session with Sarah, my schedule at that point of January being quite flexible after all the Christmas/NY frivolity.

Almost two months prior I sent off the booking request email, and received a reply within a day. It didn’t take many emails to line up everything, communications being swift and clear. And a few days prior to the session Sarah confirmed that things were still on, always a reassuring element – particularly when booking so far ahead.

I eventually received the address, and made my way to see Sarah somewhere in the inner-south of Canberra. Given many suburbs are about a block in size (or so it seems), it is hard to be too precise without being ‘too’ precise.

The incall (not listed on her pages in the pricing areas of her profiles but available on tour when legal, naturally) was modern and large, and they had a barista – something that would come in handy as I waited for the clock to strike twelve.

It was in something of a daze that I left Sarah’s hotel room and wandered to the car, thankful for the light breeze on this mild day. And for the shaded car park. I had a pleasant buzz from this session, and remembering this session made grinding through personal study tasks a little less unpleasant.

I was glad things had worked out for this first session of 2018. Sarah had been a delight in the room, from the couch to the bed, and she mentioned future tours to Canberra were likely. In fact, I believe the first one has already been announced. The breakdown of events was a bit different to my average session, but each element was really good – as was the variety.

Would I recommend? Yes. Definitely. Sharing an hour with Sarah was a delight. She was fun and cheeky, sensual and skilled, and had amazing stamina. Her profile selfies are truly representative, showing off her excellent physique and alluring curves while concealing a couple of tattoos. And as an aside, her breasts look even better in person (if that is possible, since they look fantastic in the photos).

Would I return? Yes. If tours align with my schedule, I will definitely attempt to see Sarah Stone again. She struck me as a very real individual, confident and sexy, and it was a pleasure to spend time with her.

Live Well & Happy Punting,
January 2018
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