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Date published: November 1, 2017 at 8:19 am
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I had been on a very specific search for about a month to find a perfect woman to spend time with my Husband of 20 years. Hubby and I have a very, very active and adventurous sex life. We are both fit and love to spend time together. We have dabbled in a few threesomes and with some other couples, but I wanted to totally surprise Hubby with an experience all on his own. I chose Sarah as it would be more professional than a swingers club, and less of a stress for me to make sure that the lady will be perfectly groomed and will show up exactly what her photo's look like heheheh! I looked and chatted on line to over 20 ladies. ranging from all ages. When I messaged Sarah and told her of our story and my plan, she responded with the most caring and heart felt text message. She was wanting me to really think about it, as being so happy for 20 years, she would hate for her to be the reason to cause conflict between Hubby and I. This really struck a nerve for me hearing her compassion and kind heart. I promptly assured her that Hubby and I are so in sync that we have role played and I have wanted this for quite some time. After a few texts back and forth, we had it all sorted. I booked a room, set it all up, explained some boundries that Hubby have always got. I got wine, chocolates, coconut oils and set up the apartment. I said to my Hubby from a bar we were at that he was to go back to our rented apartment, saying I had a surprise for him. Sarah did everything I requested and mixed in her own flow. The night was a 100% success. She was funny, easygoing, calm and a stack of fun. When I came home that night, Hubby and I were so pumped up to share the experience with each other We were running around like kids. He told me all the things they talked about and walked me through their time together. MAN it was a massive turn on for me and we haven't stopped talking about Sarah! SHE IS UNBELIEVABLE! Plus hot as fuck! Thank you Sarah for being honest, professional and caring. Erin xox
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