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Date published: February 23, 2021 at 5:28 pm
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Putting the High in the high tea

High tea is at its most beautiful when a mid day ritual is elevated into a crescendo in anticipation of the main highlight of the day, night. Even more so when that week was just going to be uplifted by the upcoming long weekend.

Which was precisely the case when I was honoured to be able to enjoy the intimate company of Rebecca, for the first time. As much as she is the consummate multifaceted beauty, the full spectrum of her personality can only be experienced by being open to each other in mind, body and spirit.

Being able to bond with a fellow foodie over champagne (in particular, the sassy menage a trois of Billecart Salmon, smoked salmon and caviar) and a selection of quality tidbits is the key to an easy-going bonhomie that belies the fact that the highly scented mint tea was just the beginning of a beautiful time together.

Whether they are conversations of both frivolity and seriousness, or questions ranging from trivial to weighty, Rebecca's poise and confidence radiated through like the mid afternoon sunshine, putting each other at ease as we confided in each other our opinions, perspectives, hopes and dreams (and some dating advice thrown in as well for this hopeful romantic)

That being said, all that hedonism makes for an elegant transition into the fun and games that capped the high point of the afternoon. A time where we could let our thoughts and desires run wild and free; like a leopard unlocked, unchained and liberated from the conservatism and conformity of the world below us that whizzed by at ground level.

Deeply engaging every of our senses to make lovely memories, the journey into the deepest, darkest reaches of our psyche was made possible by her unbridled enthusiasm and mastery of the art of seduction. The perfect combination of physical and emotional intimacy that had been built up over time peaked in a series of climaxes and afterglows.

As I gaze back at the good times we have had together, the faith and hope in loving life has been rekindled. I look forward to meeting you again for more happy times ahead, and to be confident and honest in loving people for the beauty in them
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