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Date published: April 6, 2017 at 12:49 pm
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I had been following the sweet smile and the authentic, natural sensuality of this lovely woman for some time on twitter, but as Olivia is based in Melbourne and I rarely get there, it was admiration from afar for all those years.

So when I saw that Olivia is returning to Canada later this year and that she was on her last tour to Sydney, I knew this was my last chance. There was only one day left before this would remain a fantasy, so I had to take a risk – find a way to slip out of the office today. Olivia had just one window of opportunity before returning to Melbourne and we quickly made the arrangements.

Sometimes an angel is on my shoulder, and this was to be one of those days. I was so pleased that I followed my instincts. On my way, Olivia messaged me to ask about lingerie requests .. just one sign of what was to come. An encounter with a courtesan is one of those experiences where trust, respect and genuine care and ‘love’ transform what could be an empty carnal fuck or a commercial transaction into a deeply intimate personal encounter that lives on with both parties.
Olivia’s presence and femininity is mesmerising. I am certain that if I walked into a room and she was there, I would be drawn to her energy. She has impeccable taste and a captivating sense of style – a pure lady (I would love to explore her wardrobe!!). I was hooked before she even opened her mouth. What followed was not surprising. Olivia is an intelligent, educated, classy young woman and I could happily spend days with her hanging out and talking. I would never tire of her conversation and I must admit that the French Canadian accent gets me every time.

Of course, we did not just talk. You will not be reading a description of our intimate liaison. That is something that passes between two people and is a product of the chemistry between them. It does take a special person to be able to generate that intimacy and connection in the space of a short encounter, and in that respect, Olivia is the consummate professional – beautiful within and without, a true joy to spend time with. We ended our time both in rapture and joyful floatiness. My only counsel is to allow as much time as you can afford.

We have been blessed to have Olivia on our shores for a short time and I do thoroughly recommend that if she comes to a town near you before heading home, you go out of your way to meet her – you will be amply rewarded. I for one will make it my mission to travel wherever I need to so that I can once again taste this beauty.
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