testimonials for Mia Monroe

Date published: July 9, 2016 at 4:38 pm
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Having missed too many of Mia's past visits to Adelaide, I knew I couldn't let another chance go by. As soon as she announced she would be back in town, I emailed to book a dinner date Her reply arrived soon afterward and plans were made.

I've followed Mia on social media for a while now. As she's far from shy about posting photos, I had a fair idea of how gorgeous she would look. Her warmth, generosity kindness and humour came as pleasant and very welcome surprises that seemed to make our time together fly by. I could, and did, spend hours with her talking about books (we have several favourite authors in common), life, the universe and everything. We ended up chatting for so long that I extended our appointment without a second thought. Time with Mia is money well spent, no matter the cost.

Before we met, I'd talked with Mia about a particular fantasy I'd wanted to explore for years. Her patience and enthusiasm as we indulged was amazing and I knew I'd asked the right person for help with something that will become a vital part of any future bookings. Mia made it very easy to leave my old self at the door of her hotel room and escape into the kind of delights I'd only dreamed of.

Mia is very good at her job and takes pride and pleasure in doing it. Seize the opportunity to meet her if and when she visits your part of the world and let her make it a night to remember.

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