testimonials for Isabelle Lynd

Date published: January 19, 2016 at 6:32 pm
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The call came and I nervously headed downstairs to meet Isabelle for the first time.
I was greeted by a stunningly dressed woman with an infectious smile.
I cant remember what the small talk was about as we made our way to my room as i couldnt take my eyes off her and had other things running though my head.
I took the lead early as time was at the essence for me that day,  she appreciated my forwardness as I took her by the hand to the bedroom.
Isabelle has the classical curves of an oil painting and once in the bedroom ,she took the lead.
  Isabelle delivers a great GFE , she will take you away from the real world while she is with you but she also has another side.  Halfway during our session  things heated up  . Those deep enchanting eyes darkened and that infectious smile turned into a sexy, cheeky grin and she suddenly transformed  into a lioness standing over her prey .
I sensed I was in for something special from that point on
And it was
Getting to know Izzy alot better is very high on my things to do list..
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