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Date published: June 1, 2018 at 8:11 pm
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My word!

Gracie Grey the book loving goddess from the Country. Enticing, engaging, erotic and exhausting. Will you ever spend a better time time with a better rounded, sexy and alluring girl? I doubt it.

And if you haven’t perhaps you should consider it.

For me it was six months of wit, sin, debauachery, sweat, sweet kisses and great great sex. I was never sure what was the greatest turn on with Gracie; the anticipation of a day or night time redezvous, the beautiful, warm hearted, sinful greeting, the sparkling eyes (oh my god the eyes),
the immaculate hostessing, the foreplay or the unbelievable sex. It’s sexy, it’s sweaty, it’s fun, it can go deep and it takes your breath away. Can seduce, can kiss amazingly and the sex is fun, dirty, sensual, slippery, hard, wet, willing and complete. Gracie gives her all every time.

Gracie entices, promises and delivers a mixture of courtesan, muse, corruptible innocence and lust. Shapeshifting from companion to the most intimate of lovers, from leather to silk, from tea to champagne, actually mainly champagne. Never left wondering, always left wanting and always coming back for more. Never a dull
moment, 100% attentive, a great conversationalist, smart, witty, sharp, intellectual, All in all a perfect time to be had.

A lover who love loves life!!
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