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Date published: June 6, 2019 at 8:54 am
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Booked early so not to be disappointed at the girls are travelling quite a bit. communication was excellent all organised easy. Evie Jay handles the double bookings

So who has not wanted a threesome with a couple of sexy girls. It’s a lot of money so you want to ensure you will click with both the girls. I have booked both before and they are individually amazing.

Evie Jay and Sofia are a great combination both fantastic girls so pretty, but also very different. Evie Jay with her fine delicate features with sensational boobs, Sofia with her sultry voice pert breasts and amazing ass. You cannot compare them they are equally stunning. But both have such great attitudes.

Now everything I would expect in a threesome with 2 confident girls was there. It was sensory overload.
There was too much to see, play with and caress at any one time. But Sofia and Evie Jay took you through it. Working together to focus on me and then also working to support each other when it was more 1 on 1. The way they shared and worked together really made it special they were really in tune with me as the client but also so caring and supportive of each other so it worked well. That was actually a highlight yes the whole two girls at once is really great but the way they trust and support each other builds their confidence and set such a Pleasent atmosphere. I guess working together they are safe and that builds the experience.

1 hour isn’t enough with the two ladies as there was so much to see and explore. And when you tried to concentrate on one girls the other was there and you wanted to swap. You want to really work with one girl and please her and dedicate time to their enjoyment but you are quickly distracted by the work, caress or kissing of the other. The best problem to have too much pleasure. Too much sexiness. Too much was definitely a good thing.
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