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Giving Thanks to Scarlet Blue

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This months’ blog is a bit of a rant but please stick around – it’s not all doom and gloom.
If you’ve been a punter or an escort for a while, you’ll be used to the idea that escorting is a job like any other. In a perfect world, everyone else would feel the same – being a sex worker would be just as acceptable as, say, driving an ice cream truck. Unfortunately that’s not the case. If you socialise with escorts for any length of time, you’ll inevitably hear complaints about the way sex work and workers are treated in the wider world. I’d like to talk about some of the things that we have to deal with, that regular businessfolk don’t.

Discrimination when Advertising

The idea that escorts must be ‘raking it in’ is a common one. There is a widespread discrimination around escort advertising – to place an escort ad in a newspaper, for example, can cost many times what a regular classified ad despite taking up exactly the same amount of space.  Online advertising can be a rort too – prices go up and up, and every year more sites come on the scene whose only goal is to part us from our hard earned dollars.
Despite what some people assume, escorting can be a tough business, especially when the economy isn’t booming. Competition is tough and our costs can climb into the hundreds per month for advertising, travel, and safety expenses. It’s infuriating to have to, for example, pay three hundred dollars for a newspaper ad in Wagga Wagga just because the paper thinks you’re making a fortune.

Attracting the Wrong Sorts of ‘Businesspeople’

The persistent idea that the sex industry is ‘shady’ gives people strange ideas. I’ve been contacted by all sorts of suspicious men – men I have never met in person - offering their services, usually as drivers.  I’m bemused as to why they want to drive escorts around for a living; do they think it will be especially exciting? Are they looking for payment in trade? Or do they think it’s a good way to make lots of easy cash? No thank you, I know how to call a cab.

Losing Our Privacy and Security

An escort’s need for privacy and security is paramount. Although the majority of people we meet are lovely, it’s essential that we stay anonymous in order to be safe. Not all businesses we deal with understand this – convincing the bank that your full name shouldn’t be given to a client when they make a deposit, for example, is a huge battle. It can be nerve-wracking handing over credit card details to advertisers, especially if our names are attached. Some advertisers go even further, requesting personal information that they have no right to know and that would place us in danger if made public. Imagine having to consider your personal safety every time you make a credit card purchase – it’s not fun!

In my time as an escort I’ve seen every conceivable example of bad behaviour from other businesspeople: poor service, a suspicious attitude, revelation of personal details by mistake, extortionate prices and invasive personal questions. Seeing the worst has made me grateful for the best – advertising with Scarlet Blue.

When choosing an advertiser the deciding factor for me is its level of professionalism: how quickly do they respond to emails? How accurate are they when putting up my details? How professional does their website look? A site that understands that sex work is a respectable business like any other lifts us up as an industry and encourages standards to remain high for both escorts and our clients.

As an advertising site, Scarlet Blue has never delivered anything less than prompt professionalism and enthusiasm. They offer reasonable prices while still maintaining a high level of customer service. The site is run by women who understand escorting and know it is a business like any other. They are also sensitive to our privacy needs - although Scarlet Blue verifies its escorts, they don’t ask for personal details. The peace of mind that comes from dealing with someone that I trust and who behaves with integrity takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

In an industry where friends are so important think it’s crucial to get behind the companies and services that genuinely respect us and treat us fairly, like any other business. That’s why, for the first week of Spring, I’ll be offering a 20% discount to anyone who gets in touch with me via the Scarlet Blue website. It’s great to have an ally in Scarlet Blue – please keep on visiting! By using the site you support a business that supports us.

The offer: 20% discount for all bookings made via the Scarlet Blue website, until the 7th of September. Please visit my profile to make an enquiry!
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