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Couples Part II: the Experience

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Following on from last week’s ‘Open Letter to Adventurous Couples’ I’d like to take some time explaining what seeing an escort for a threesome is actually like.

I’m writing this for one couple is particular, a lovely pair I spoke to on the phone last week. They were really excited about experimenting with another lady but didn’t know where to start or how an escort booking was supposed to proceed. All that ‘not knowing’ only serves to get in the way of feeling comfortable, so let’s address it now and move on to the fun stuff!

Most of the couples I see are hetero male/female (MF for short) although I also welcome FF pairs. I would entertain the idea of a guy/guy combo if the guys were genuine lovers (in fact that sounds pretty hot) but usually when two guys ask, it’s not because they are romantically attached. SO M/M is a NO, sorry guys.

Before the Session

There is a lot of variance in what couples want out of their encounter with me – some want  full-on three-way sex, some just want me to play with the girl while the guy watches, some want the guy to be the centre of attention. All of these options are acceptable.

To make sure I have a complete understanding of what everyone needs, I always insist on talking on the phone before accepting a booking.  I need to talk to EVERYONE … but in particular I need to talk to the female of the pair and make sure she is happy and comfortable. Sometimes guys can get carried away by their threesome fantasies (see and forget to make sure that their lady feels enthusiastic. So that’s my first job: to make sure everyone is on board and excited about the whole scenario.

The second part of this conversation is about boundaries. Boundaries are limits – either solid or flexible – on what you want to get up to in the bedroom. There are no rules on what is allowed or prohibited, except that everyone must honour everyone else’s level of comfort. Anything we decide to do or not do also comes with the understanding that the rules could change mid-booking! If anyone feels uncomfortable then we will stop and renegotiate.

During the Session

I like to start off by sharing a glass of wine or two with my clients. This can take place in a bar, in the hotel lobby or in your hotel room. If you don’t drink then a cup of tea or a glass of water is fine too. The most important thing is having the time to talk and get to know both of you before the clothes start coming off.

It’s up to me to get things started and I’m very comfortable doing so. Often I’ll ask the lady of the couple to help me undress the guy, or the other way round if appropriate. From there we do whatever feels right. Sex with three or more people is about teamwork: we’re always asking each other what feels good, or cooperating to give pleasure to someone. Being nervous or awkward is totally expected and it will soon pass. Remember; this is supposed to be fun! 

I am responsible for providing safe sex supplies (condoms and dental dams) and instructing my clients when and how to use them. I don’t expect couples to use safe sex with each other if they don’t normally, but the use of condoms with me is a must (this includes things like oral sex).  Touching can be tricky - it’s important not to use the same hand on two different people’s ‘bits’ as this can be a safe sex risk. Luckily most of us have two hands! I’m used to educating couples about the safe sex issues they may not have previously experienced.

The pace of the session will depend on how much time has been booked. One hour tends to be pretty fast (and isn’t my usual recommendation). Two hours gives lots of time for chatting, intimacy and cuddling afterwards. Three-or-more-hour-sessions will involve really getting to know my clients and having a good time just ‘hanging out’ as well as having sex. There is no pressure to book for either a short or a long time, although I usually recommend two hours for couples who are new to seeing an escort.

When your time is up I will leave you with a hug and a smile… I’m always aware of the time and will bring the encounter to a graceful conclusion, with time for me to shower and gather my things.

After the Session

A post-session email is a must; I like to get in touch with the couple to ensure they had a great time. If I had fun I’ll encourage them to get in touch in the future – I love repeat performances! I always welcome reviews if my clients are happy, as this helps other couples to see that I’m a safe person to spend time with. Kind words are always appreciated too. Making other people happy is what makes me happy in my work.

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