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About me

Interested in an Exclusive Clientelle
Thank you for viewing my profile. I update and change my adds and photo’s with my mood. So I thank you for being flexible and tolerant to my written descriptions as well as my photos, as of course they both will vary with my mood. Sometimes I have good photos up, sometimes not so. But as my mood changes as quick as the wind does, so does my profile. I always intend my add to be up for 3 months, but once I get the idea in my head to attempt a change of scenery, I realise that sometimes I get stuck for fresh ideas and fresh ideas for photos as well. Especially with limited options for the photos that I take. Lucky though, that I did a little shop today, and these photos seemed to have worked out really well for me.

As I am in my forties. 43 to be specific, I have made a few changes to myself, my views and my conduct. These days, I tend to be more opposite to what you would or may expect from an escort. I am not technically escorting for the money alone these days. This is a hobby for me. At this time, anyway. As I don’t have any clients yet. So now I am seeking more from a client. I am looking for ‘mutual respect’. And tend to wish to be more comfortable in my own skin. As I have gotten older, I have made some significant changes to my lifestyle. Currently, and in real time, I don’t wear make-up. I don’t colour my hair and I accept that I am not perfect. I prefer to be plain, although, I did do myself up a little bit, for you, in the photos that I took just earlier today. My health has been of interest to me. I have even given up drinking coffee. My interests have changed and I am not, or by means, do not appear to be in any kind of a rush. I enjoy taking on hobbies. I have spent time writing. I have bought myself a guitar (although it is still in it’s box) and enjoy doing things like doing jigsaw puzzles and reading books.

I love to read books. I am ‘learning’ about the workings of this place, it’s history and trying to find out where I fit, somewhere within all of this. I, indeed am a controversialist. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t. Although, not a particularly educated one, hence, why I am spending my time reading. Everything that I thought, appears to be up-side down or back to front. So I guess you could say that I am ‘expanding on my mind’, and have the type of personality that believes, ‘everything’ and ‘everything that people say’, except, the last few, odd years, I have been able to raise some questions to things that ‘just don’t make sense’.

I like fantasy. And I don’t mind a lie. As long as it is ‘a good one’. But if I find inconsistencies in the story, I guess I could say, that I prefer somebody who tends to be ‘more upfront’. Because I am a contraversialist, on one level I believe everything, and on another level, I believe nothing at all.

I am looking for a client, who is (of preference) not married or taken, and wish to emphasise that I am seeking ‘strings free’. Although I ‘do wish’ to get to know you better. I find that usually we go through a form of communication first, before we even meet. Just so we know that we are on the right mindset.

If by chance, you are a communicator as well, please feel free to see how we can come to some kind of arrangement. Please know, that you will ‘not’ be expecting a booking straight away. Because, these days, ‘I want to get it right’. Often, even if the client was happy, sometimes, I was not. Hence, ‘I am looking for more out of a client these days’, and try to have more involvement as far as prep work is concerned, prior to a meet. I like to take my time and I am not in a rush.

Fantasy, is indeed in the picture. Hence what the 2 hour appointment is about.

So if you think you fit the bill, I will be very interested and looking forward to speaking to you some more.



Fantasy Time $ 1000 For a 2 Hr Fantasy Appointment a Coffee Date will still be required.
Coffee Intro $ 50 Plus out of Pocket Expenses also please
A 2 hour appointment is $1000. A ‘coffee date’ introduction will be required, which is $50. All out of pocket expenses to be covered please. If you have an idea for an appointment, such as a dinner date, that may stretch on our time together, please let me know about it, and I may include it in our time. If you wish to go ahead with a meet-up, please make ‘sure’ that any money is to be placed ‘in an envelope’. Please note, that some initial further communication will likely be required first, as I have not been in the scene for quite some time and will need some ‘warming up’.


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When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Sunday Please contact for time Please contact for time
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Preferred Contact Method

Please send me an email through the Submit form. Sometimes emails are slow to send or receive and sometimes they land up in spam too. So please be patient with me and 'check your spam folder' for a reply.

I have a website that I have been spending quite a lot of time on, over the last couple of years, which has not really previously been seen or found before. Partially because I’m still working on it. And partially because it is quite private and personal to me. I have been working on it, on and off, for some time, as of course as you have to put these things away from time to time.

In it’s technicalities, it is an escort site, hence: /escort. I do have one of those one’s as well. A fun and flirty one, but that is not what ‘this’ escort site is about. This escort site is a ‘diary’. It started off as a diary from my time within the industry, but I expanded on the topic.

So at this time, the foundation for this site has been layed. Although, due to it’s highly personal content in a number of areas within the forum, I have requested ‘members only’ to the forum section. At this time, it is free to become a member, but this could change at any time. You are welcome to check out my writing on the ‘home page’, as well as some blogs. You do not need to be a member to do that. If you don’t wish to see me as a client, you are still welcome to browse my site. You may (?) find the content interesting. The objective is to raise questions, opinions and an exchange of personal views or differences of the topics at hand. I have recently reviewed ‘all of the content’.

As, over the last ten years, I have become quite a complex person, due to situations arise that were not necessarily expected, nor planned. And this situation has turned my life up-side down and as though I had went on a ‘condensed moment’ within the last ten years, in likeness to being on one of those up side-down, twirly whirly rides in a fun park. Where you get off, and feel, a little bit shocked. Perhaps a little bit startled. A little bit sick and maybe ‘not quite sure’ what you made of it.

Therefore, due to my interactions as a very casual private escort. I have come to realise the mis-understanding that often occurs between myself and a client from a personal perspective, as well as a professional one. Therefore, although, I might expect business to be slower. For a potential meeting to occur, I wish to have some ‘ground work’ taken care of first. I (at this time anyway) cannot deal with ‘surface talk’, until we have established a meet-up point and foundation of where I come from, where I reside. What my expectations are. What you can expect. For the reason, that I am ‘looking for a more compatible, potentially longer term client, as opposed to a ‘sex service’ that I ‘used to provide’, that dosn’t satisfy me. Which is the reason that I used to advertise for ‘one time bookings only’. I want an appointment to be ‘mutually satisfying’, so somebody who understands the (percieved) rules and do’s and don’ts from the get go. You will likely have a tendency to last longer and to also become more appreciated in my books.

Because of the ‘adventure’ that I been through, over the last ten years. It is important to me, who I interact with. I realise that most people have active, busy everyday lives. But ‘I am not in a rush’. I am not after anything from you, unless and until we have established the basis of something that works for us both. I say both, because, if my style dosn’t meet or make your requirements, then you might wish to cease further interaction.

As this topic is about ‘interests’. Besides working on my websites. I love to write. I love to express myself. I am a bit of a contraversialist and question in which direction technology is taking us. On my website, I have ‘cookies’. And due to my addictive nature, as well as being a new toy for me (as I have only just upgraded my site). I have found myself checking my ‘analytics’ (at this time) a few times during the day. It is embarrassing for me to admit this. I actually ‘don’t’ think it is necessary. Because when it comes down to the crunch, I would otherwise hear or know from you if you chose to send me an email, or joined up as a member. So, what I am saying, is that I don’t think that this type of analytics is actually necessary, and as technology is everywhere at this time, I think that we can get drawn into this type of activity. I havn’t yet taken analytics off. Because I am a bit addicted to it, as I said, it is still just a new toy for me. But coming from somebody who ‘dosn’t like trackers’ themselves, it tends to raise some questions for me to myself. Although, I have only basic cookie information, I think my lack of understanding of it, sparks up an interest in me.
  • Favourite things, or wishes at this time, would be 'leak detection' enthusiasts. Because I have been without a shower for such a long time now, although it is 'narrowing' down. I have just gotten used to having tools in my lounge room and washing out of the basin, that that feels 'normal enough' for me now.


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