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    0475 371 820

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    183 cm

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About me

Ryan James
My name is Ryan James, a male escort based in Sydney and available Australia wide. Courteous, polite and a gentleman at all times, any encounter we have will be truly memorable, leaving you wanting to come back again and again.

There are many reasons why you might wish to see a male escort. Maybe you’re looking for some simple companionship or someone to talk to. Maybe you’d like to be accompanied to a social event or taken shopping. Perhaps you’ve felt like it’s been too long since someone has paid attention to you, really paid attention. Someone that will listen to you, make you feel special, like you’re the only girl in the room. To be pampered, taken out for a special evening before retiring behind closed doors for more private pursuits. A soft, slow massage with scented oil, a relaxing bath with a glass of champagne, or something more intimate. Let me fulfill all your desires and more.

With a professional background, razor sharp wit and inquisitive mind, you’ll want to see me based on more than just looks alone. I believe stimulating conversation is just as important as physical satisfaction.

With a previous career in personal training, I take health and fitness seriously, using this knowledge to keep in the best shape possible. Strong hands, broad shoulders, a well-muscled back and that classic v-shape are just a few of the reasons you will want to see me. Piercing blue eyes often found matched with an impeccably tailored navy suit are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to see me.

Confident yet playful, gentle yet firm, whatever your desires may be, the focus is solely on your pleasure alone.

Far from being one-dimensional, I have a wide variety of interests that means any time we spend together will be far from boring. Whether it’s chatting over good food and wine, or letting me help you explore your sexual desires, I'll ensure you leave comfortable, relaxed and fulfilled.



2 Hours $ 600 Your First Time
First Hour $ 600 Boyfriend Experience
Additional hours $ 600 Boyfriend Experience
Dinner Date $ 1800 4 Hour Dinner Date
Dinner Date $ 2700 6 Hour Dinner Date
Overnight $ 4000 12 hours
24 Hours $ 6000 24 hours
Additional Days $ 4000 Boyfriend Experience
Couples $ 700 1 Hour Couples Experience *Minimum 2 Hours
Filming/Photos $ 400 At my discretion
I would love nothing more than to spend time away with you for a weekend or longer. However I believe that some personal time will enhance time spent together. As such, my rate for additional days is for twelve hours of my time, four hours personal time and eight hours uninterrupted sleep.

Incalls and travel outside a CBD may incur an additional fee.

I offer FLY ME TO YOU packages, please enquire with my personal assistant; Rose for rates and travel availability.

Dates in my home city require a 30% deposit. Dates while I am on tour require a 50% deposit. This can be paid via bank transfer or cash deposit. Deposits are non-refundable, if sufficient notice is provided rescheduling once may be an option at my discretion, less any expenses incurred.

Please note that I offer sexual services to women only.


Please contact me for my services.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Tuesday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Wednesday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Thursday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Friday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Saturday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Sunday Please contact for time Please contact for time
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Australian Tours

To From Until
Melbourne 16th July 18th July
Ryan James - Private Male Escort Touring


Preferred Contact Method

Please text or email your enquiry and my assistant Rose will get back to you shortly.

  • food

    Haigh's chocolate

  • toys

    God of War: Ragnarok or Gran Turismo 7

  • food

    Veuve Clicquot Champagne

  • spa / massage

    Massage Voucher

  • toys

    DJI Goggles 2

  • vouchers

    Philips Hue Gradient Lights

  • vouchers

    NVIDIA RTX 4090

  • vouchers

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


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  1. BY Eleanor

    This is a testament to Ryan and an encouragement for women who have found themselves in the same situation as me. I was 28 years old with no sexual experience not even a first kiss. I asked Ryan to help me discover a new side of myself and boy did I had fun! From my experience I can paint you a m...
  2. BY Miss Carlton

    Ryan. It has been so nice to spend time with you. Thank you for looking after my ambivert self. Everything exceeded my expectations. I felt seen, wanted and desired. Your touch and kisses filled up a massive void in my needs. You are worthy of the praises. Until we meet again, il be sure thinking...
  3. BY Miss Carlton

    Ryan. It has been so nice to spend time with you. Thank you for looking after my ambivert self. Everything exceeded my expectations. I felt seen, wanted and desired. Your touch and kisses filled up a massive void in my needs. You are worthy of all the praises, all the multiple times you made it hap...
  4. BY Jules

    Ryans a ridiculously big lovely sweetheart. Was so sobering to meet someone so warm and mature and i was so relieved i got that. I wanted the night to be sweet and dirty with a bit of kink and Ryan nailed it. On the flipside i could have just sat talking to him all night at the bar and would ha...
  5. BY Mr.g

    Hi. I took Ryan's services for my wife. she wasn't ready at first, she was nervous as it was her first time. But Ryan made her very comfortable. She was smiling and blushing after her encounter with for Ryan. She wants to get Ryan again. Thanks Ryan for taking care of her. c u again.
  6. BY Olivia

    Ryan is radiating positivity in every interaction. His genuine smile and compassionate nature uplifted me, creating an atmosphere of comfort and joy. Ryan possesses an innate ability to connect with others on a deep level. His kindness is like sunshine on a cloudy day, warming hearts with his genui...
  7. BY Lisa

    I've never thought of doing this, but once I saw these pics of Ryan, read his introduction & testimonials, I decided to bite the bullet & give it a go- you only live once. I'm in my 50's & spent 12 years in a abusive relationship, in 2021 I had breast cancer again & lost my breasts. After my partner...
  8. BY Sotheby

    Ryan made me feel comfortable even though I felt really awkward in the beginning. He was very interesting to talk to and helped me a lot overcoming my trauma with men. He is very perceptive towards non-verbal body language in bed, which helped a lot considering I was very shy and non-communicative i...
  9. BY R & A

    A long held fantasy held by A was to have a stunning lover as part of a "hot wife" experience, with me watching, occasionally directing, and generally enjoying the show. Ryan was the perfect participant with his stunning looks, solid physique, charm, and intelligence. He worked with me to quickl...
  10. BY Polly

    Ryan is ridiculously lovely, curious, kind, and a thoroughly decent human both in business and in the bedroom. Anyone who knows anything about Ryan's career will know he is intimidatingly endowed, but by the time he finally gives it to you, in that moment, it will feel like the only thing you ever w...
  11. BY Lisa

    Hi Ryan, Thank you for a magic night, you were on time and so smartly dressed, very sexy and polite. A considerate gentleman and turned it on to a sexual demon when the time was right, you read the room and my needs. Your soft kissers and strong hands took control and wow a awesome cock, we laughed...
  12. BY Sarah

    I also forgot in my first testimonial to thank Ryan’s assistant Rose! Rose has been wonderful and so incredibly helpful. From any queries I had, no matter how big or small and assisting me in organising the perfect date with Ryan. Thank you so much Rose! I appreciate you more than you know x...
  13. BY Good vibes

    I had never booked an escort before and was nervous as hell, but Ryan made me feel like I'd made the right decision straight away. He has a lovely calm presence. I'd been going through a lot of dramas at work and home, but he made me forget it all. Prior to seeing Ryan I had been feeling old, fat, o...
  14. BY Ms V

    Meeting Ryan for the first time left me smiling afterwards for *quite* a while! I’d been going through some pretty intense trauma recovery stuff. And trust isn’t an easy thing for me even at the best of times. Yet, in Ryan’s arms, I could forget everything and just feel safe, held and, um, lots...
  15. BY Bella

    I've had the pleasure of Ryan's company a couple of times now. The first I was as nervous as a kitten but Ryan was the ultimate professional. Our second meeting being much more relaxed, it had all the elements of an intimate experience every woman is looking for.....great communication and conversat...
  16. BY J & T

    We saw Ryan just over a week ago and to say it has spiced up our love lives is a understatement!!!. Great guy and super sweet to allow us to drop our guard and invite a third person into our bed. Great connection and interest from Ryan as well as being pleasured with his sensual touch and relaxed en...
  17. BY Vina girl

    After months and months of contemplating, I hired an escort (not Ryan). Unfortunately, within the first 15 minutes I knew I didn’t want to go through with the experience…months later, an experience with an escort was still on my mind . So I booked Ryan, somewhat skeptical and worried it would end up...
  18. BY Bondi Babe

    Ryan is absolutely lovely. Very easy to spend an evening with, and genuinely a delightful man who normalises the natural beauty of intimacy and human connection.
  19. BY Z

    This is my second review for Ryan I have been seeing him now for a little over two years and he is truly an amazing man, I’m now living life to the fullest doing things I only dreamed of becoming myself again and that is thanks to Ryan. From many threesomes to nice dinners to little getaways Ryan al...
  20. BY Mary

    Ryan is an extremely extraordinary fine young man, professional and courteous in every way. You can feel like you've known him forever on the first meet. Amazing lips.. and oh yes a kiss that melts you. Why not I say.. Mary
  21. BY Mandy

    I have had quite a few booking with Ryan now, the other day we spend the whole day of fun activities planned followed by dinner. Ryan has one of the biggest hearts I know and damn bloody hot if I say so myself. When it comes to the bedroom he takes the lead making the special intimate time together...
  22. BY Ms A

    I have booked Ryan a few times now he's the complete package the boyfriend every woman wants making our time together magical like a real life fairy tale wanting you to come back for more and more what are you waiting for ladies.. did I forget to mention he is as hot as hell. xx
  23. BY C

    Wow where do I start?! I recently met Ryan for my first time and it was truly an experience. He was an absolute gentleman. He could see that I was nervous and he made me feel at ease straight away from conversation to the bedroom. If you are looking at booking him you will not be disappointed. He le...
  24. BY Sara

    Suffering a nasty case of Bored Housewife Syndrome I opted to spice life up without having a (potentially dangerous) affair... Ryan more than fit that criteria. Yes, he's drop-dead gorgeous, but he's clearly kind hearted, intelligent, gentle if required, plus the opposite if desired, and wants to gi...
  25. BY K

    Ryan took me on a date this week, the first since my break up 6 months ago from a long term relationship. It SAS also my first go at giving something like this a go! He was confident, put me instantly at ease and knew when I needed him to take the lead... And if course he is gorgeous! I had a...
  26. BY A

    Ryan is the complete package! My first impression was of a professional, polite gentleman dressed immaculately. I was super nervous, but his gentle, friendly manner put me at ease. Through a very natural conversation he was able to determine my needs without making me feel at all uncomfortable. Once...
  27. BY Z

    What can I say Ryan is a true gentlemen, he is very caring and sweet and knows how to made you feel special I was so so nervous on the date but he made me feel at ease Ryan has the most amazing blue eyes, and in the bedroom wow amazing. I haven’t been kissed by a guy in a very long time and the wait...
  28. BY Susan

    This is my second review for Ryan. Having just had another 4-hour dinner date with him, I am left with a huge grin on my face, and will be on a high for days. Ryan was great company, attentive and genuinely interested in what I had to say. After dinner and back behind closed doors, shower and the...
  29. BY J

    Dearest Ryan, Where do I start? Thank you so much for the lovely evening. I truly felt like I was hanging out with a long lost friend we just decided to have a bit of fun. I totally agree with all the other reviews. You're such a sweetheart the obviously wants the best for your clients and get...
  30. BY AF

    Ryan is the most down to earth, caring, sweetest and most genuine guy. I have had an awful history with men and it got to the point where I just had a total aversion to men. But Ryan makes you feel so comfortable. Not only is he fantastic in bed and tailors your experience to your wants and needs, b...
  31. BY E

    If you are reading this review, you’re probably reading the other reviews on Ryan as well. Everything people have written is true. Ryan is warm, funny, has a real knack for making you feel comfortable and definitely knows what he is doing in the bedroom - so much so that I found myself (unexpectedl...
  32. BY A

    One of the best decisions I ever made was the last thing I said to Ryan when we last met. And I meant it. After a long man drought I finally built up the courage to hire an escort. After a lot of research Ryan appealed to me the most and he lives up to his reputation and more. He is the utmost profe...
  33. BY Susan

    Ryan is handsome, a sensual kisser, as well as having a powerful physique. It is not only his tenderness and affectionate nature, but his stamina in the bedroom that makes him so addictive. He was the first escort I ever booked just over 2 years ago and the only one I have seen since. In that t...
  34. BY Sam H

    I booked Ryan following two years of admiring him from afar. I was met with a sophisticated attractive gentlemen who was confident yet warm and engaging. He was suitably serious in some moments while being cheekily mischievous in others. He obligingly fulfilled the role I wanted him to play and all...
  35. BY Annabelle

    The overwhelming feeling I had after meeting Ryan, was gratitude. Mindful and observant, Ryan helped me feel at ease, and then soar to fantastic heights of pleasure. The euphoric energy is still with me days later. My friends say I look glowing, and I feel like I carry the sun in my pocket....
  36. BY S

    Yes, Ryan is easy on the eye, but it's the substance of his conversation, sense of humour and erotic intelligence that makes him such indulgent company. He is entirely approachable and down to earth, while at the same time being sophisticated and worldly. In private, he is nothing short of a master...
  37. BY J

    I think of Ryan as "The Messiah of escorts", however he is very humble! When I met with Ryan I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. We met in the hotel bar and had a couple of drinks. He knew I was nervous and made me feel really comfortable. The conversations we had were easy and t just flow...
  38. BY P

    I was visiting Sydney to see a friend but when she became ill and ended up in hospital I moved to a hotel. I had a few days with nothing to do so I contacted Ryan. Unfortunately he was out of town so I arranged to meet him when he was visiting Brisbane and I am so glad I did. I had never met an esco...
  39. BY Rei

    Giving into my curiosity, I hired Ryan for a First Time meeting. To say I was terrified would be an understatement, but Ryan was a perfect gentleman and put me at ease with his excellent conversational skills. As an erotic writer, I did inform him that anything we got up to would be used to fuel my...
  40. BY Jessica Randall

    I am an escort who likes to indulge myself a couple of times a year with a hot male escort. I've wanted to book Ryan James for a while as I enjoy his movies and he's hot as hell. Well the booking was ecstatic. I arrived and Ryan greeted me and made me feel at ease straight away. He had lovely sen...
  41. BY J

    Those lips Ryan James....your kiss is undeniably the most euphoric and sensual thing I have ever experienced. You are not only gorgeous and delectable, any time spent with you is more than a pleasure.x
  42. BY C

    Ryan is the epitome of a perfect gentleman. He is a walking lesson in grace and humility. He is kind, gentle, generous and has an insatiable curiosity. He will take you on an endless journey. He is gentle, yet firm. Passionate, yet seductive. Relishing your time spent together. Always yearning for...
  43. BY A

    This review is for both Ryan James and Hamish James. Without being aware of it, I started with the best and other male escorts that I have seen now fail and fade quickly into the background in comparison. These two guys are professionals; they are gorgeous looking, charming and engaging. They have i...

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