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Date published: May 21, 2015 at 9:45 pm
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I just have a heavenly night yesterday with a very charming lady, I made a booking with vida yesterday and at the booking time when I knock the door vida open it she was wearing a very attractive black lingerie when I saw her I found myself in front of a very beautiful women with a very delicious curves actually she in realty heaps more beautiful and attractive she met me with her charming smile and we start a small
Conversation and actually she very good communicator and stylish lady but a down to earth delicious girl with sexy South American ascent after that we start kissing each other and it the most long and beautiful kiss I ever tried during kissing her I started undo her bra and the rest of her cloth and she did the same with me in the same time then start to give the most incredible French I ever tried and she is the best wow after that I start to return the favour to actually she has the most delicious pussy I ever test vida was enjoying what I was doing to to the limit that she was very chacking and out of control then I started to be inside her to be honest her pussy was very tight and the feeling inside was amazing we started she in the top and then change position to her favourite doggy one and it was heavenly and hell in the same time , I cum the first time inside her after that we set in bed while I was holding her having a very beautifully conversation about her artistic hoppy and our life and the border collies dogs she used to have which was the dogs brand I prefer and the same found of vintage movies we both love then I looked to her charming eyes and attracted to her soft delicious lips and it was the most passion kiss in my hole life she is a fantastic kisser I felt that she enjoyed the kiss as much as I did and during that my friend start to be erected again she start to give anther wonderful frensh and we start this cycle again vida has orgasm with me several times and she was very wet wow that was the best sex and companion I ever tried in my life vida was very passionate in every thing she was doing with me and she makes me feel as if I'm her beloved boyfriend I don't know is it a chemistry between us or her genius natural talent and I think that is really what is meant by girl friend experience honestly I felt very intimate with the way I didn't felt with any women before
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