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Date published: August 17, 2019 at 12:21 pm
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I do not usually leave reviews, but I get such a good feeling thinking about the lovely goddess Venus.

I enjoy plenty of working girls and they are all great in their own way, but over a few longer dates this year lovely Venus has really got me under her spell. She is intelligent, a deep thinker, funny, empathetic, unafraid of being vulnerable and an open book about her life. And it's been a colourful one!

I should tell you that the physical part was outstanding too. She has raw, intense passion to please and be pleased and her curvy figure and gorgeous face is just stunning, but as a divorcee in my late 40s I see ladies I feel can meet my non physical needs too and dear Venus is all that and more.

Her ad is exactly right. I reccomend you spend at least a few hours with lovely Venus, enjoy a nice meal and spend time talking to get the full experience. She is a luxury and an indulgence, and you would be robbing yourself if you only focus on your physical needs for an hour or two.

Venus, darling, you are a ravishing lady with a good head on your shoulders and you're a pleasure to be with. I hope you achieve all your dreams and more. I am grateful for your kindness and companionship and look forward to seeing you again soon. Big kiss!

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