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Date published: March 18, 2020 at 4:13 pm
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Some weeks ago I decided to give my long-repressed inner pansexual self free reign. For some reason – clear to me in retrospect - from among the many adverts I kept coming back to Danika. My initial contact with her was easy, reassuring, and exciting. But that was nothing compared to meeting the woman in person: the long-lost blue-print for the design of the perfect human being, whether male or female, was there right in front of me, opening a welcoming door, in flesh and blood, soft skin and smiling beauty. With a mind, heart and soul to match. The subsequent intimate experience surpassed that initial impression by a factor of at least ten. THE most gentle, wild, exciting, varied, different, confident and unbelievable sexual, physical, and intellectual interlude I have ever experienced in my not unsheltered life. The absolute joy was clearly mutual. Danika is a must, for every man who might want to consider himself all-rounded and complete. We have stayed in touch since then and as I do not live in Canberra I keep looking for a reason to go there! As though Danika herself isn’t reason enough! One cannot do better for a full-on experience incapable of being surpassed. Importantly, Danika’s place is safe, discreet and very intimate. Hmm, a sweet and unforgettable immersion. Thank you, Danika!
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