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Date published: August 1, 2018 at 8:27 pm
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I was suffering from pain you get sometimes, of the sexual variety. I contacted Tori and asked her if she send a nurse (as a roleplay) to come and fix my pain. She said she was free and would come herself.

Sometime later, I answered the door knock to my hotel room and this gorgeous, blonde, sexy, good looking nurse was at the door. She was dressed in full nurse outfit carrying a stethoscope and medical bag. She asked me about my pain and soon after she suggested I lie down in bed so she could do a full examination.

As she examined me, my pain initially got worse. However, once she diagnosed the exact problem she started with her magic and I started to feel relaxed. Her nurse outfit began to shed revealing her beautiful figure. My pain began to ease and I closed my eyes and soon I felt so good I thought I was in heaven. Pleasure. My pain was going away and being replaced by sheer joy! Suddenly, I opened my eyes and she was above me, fucking me, with her gorgeous boobs swinging away. I came with an explosion. My pain was gone.

Sexy, attractive, gorgeous, lovely nurse Tori gave me the best medicine I've ever had, and I think I'm addicted to this medicine!
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