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Date published: December 4, 2018 at 7:37 am
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It all started when i was browsing through Scarlet Blue, one of the best websites in the world in my humble opinion.
I stumbled across the profile of one THE TANTRIC PRINCESS, The Tantric Princess. I have always been curious as to what happens during a Tantric massage.
The photo of THE in the white top, sheer black skirt with black heels and glasses, for me it was the essence of the "hot teacher" came to mind and was instantly mesmerized and captivated. I felt compelled to make contact, so I sent her the SMS as requested in her profile. Stick to the rules, be yourself and polite and you can't mess up.
I introduced myself to THE, mentioned that I was aware that she was on tour and to when she would be back in Brisbane for me to have a booking with her.
I also let her know my exact feelings about said profile photo, and to my delight she was going to wear it for me for the booking. Outstanding!
I set up the booking for Friday afternoon. I found it difficult to concentrate on my work that day. In my mind, the photos of THE were bouncing around in my head. I got the job done though, because it was only a matter of time before I would be in her company, and spending 1 and a half hours+ in sheer bliss.
My car seemed to know which way to go. I had no traffic snarls. I even got a car park directly outside the building. It was meant to be. I was meant to come here and visit this lady. I sent a text to let her know I had arrived and waiting for access to the premises. I had to kindly ask her to come down and meet me as the security is tight.
Tight would be a great description of the blue jeans that she wore down to greet me at the door. My heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on THE for the first time.
You know that you are in the company of a Goddess when you see THE. WOW! I thought to myself, you are in for one terrific afternoon.
Yes I know, and I did remind her, that she didn't wear the outfit that I would have liked her to wear for the booking. There is always next time. :D
For some reason I felt a little nervous, something that doesn't happen to me very much when I visit a Working Lady. We reached her apartment, sorry, "Adult Cubbyhouse", tastefully decorated, with some nice candles, music playing softly in the background. We sat down and had a chat, in which she told me about her background, and what she had in mind for me for the session. Yes, you are in for one terrific afternoon.
Jumped into the shower and freshened up, and found myself once again, admiring THE's amazing body. She asked me to sit on the massage table, and to do perform some deep breathing exercises to help me relax and let go, and to surrender to pleasure. That is exactly what I did, because after that, pleasure is what I got.
THE is very, very good at giving you pleasure. I will not describe what happened in detail in the session, because that is between myself, and THE. I absolutely recommend that you discover this for yourself. You will thank me.
I cannot wait until my next encounter with THE.
After the booking, I found myself to be relaxed, contented and facing the world with renewed energy. My problems took a back seat and I felt invigorated.
I plan to spend some more time with THE, as I feel that I need a few more sessions to really explore her sexuality, and my own.
Thank you THE for looking after me and for making me a new man again.
THE TANTRIC PRINCESS is what every man needs. This is no pun for you punters out there. Take this seriously! I did and I am a better man for it.
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