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Date published: October 6, 2018 at 10:25 am
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Ok.... let’s start at the beginning I first noticed The Tantric Princess on SB tours for Sydney and immediately was consumed by this sexy lady’s gorgeous face. Since that day I’ve seen the sexy lady 3 times all ending in nothing short of absolute euphoria. This lady is not to be taken as anything but an intelligent hard working entrepreneur out to provide the most rewarding experience for her clients in the comfort of her care.

My first 2 booking were on consecutive days on her tour to Sydney. I asked for morning appts as being a tradie we do our best work early. I was also aware via numerous dialogue with THE that she was up early training and doing yoga so it worked perfect.

I had been quite busy and over worked so I asked THE what she recommended to which she suggested a 2hr tantric experience to allow her to get close to me and help my mind and body slow down with of course a power ending . I was up for that so we locked that in . I suggested our second appt should be more Pse to which she was bring it on let me know what pushes your buttons. I informed THE I wanted that sexy secretary look with a real no holds barred situation ( WOW did she bring the goods to the table !!! I think we even shagged on that table ).

Like she promised that first 2hr appt was very nurturing quite and THE feeling me out as we sat on the bed naked close together . THE just guided me through her tantric method so that we could embrace and have hot sex without it feeling like a porn movie. Take my advice punters if your over worked , tired in need of some loving care booked ‘ Thetantricprincess ‘ experience minimum 2hrs she will blow your mind and your member or eggplant as we like to joke about during our text messages.

The next day was my time an hour of let’s get this thing on session. Once THE opened the door here was this sexy as fuck young lady who could easily of been a corporate secretary ready to take dicktation. There was no mucking around this time it was hot wam bam thank you mam type of session with THE talking dirty and telling me what she wanted me to do with her THE BEST !!!
Like I mentioned before there were no unreasonable requests the table in the hotel room got a work out and I’m pretty sure I had carpet burns onn my knees from doggy. When THE wants to flick that switch look out put your seat belt on and be prepared she’s like driving a high powered car fast and furious.

My 3rd appt on her second tour to Sydney was well organised in advance and I was so looking forward to it. Unfortunately leading up to our appt I’d had a sports injury and was unable to drive so getting to THE’s incall proved challenging and the my best mate my dog had issues which required me to take him to the vet , which was miles away from THE’s Incall. To say I was stressed was an understatement. I was running late for our appt I couldn’t find a taxi I was cooking then the phone rang and it was THE well she defused everything told me just relax get here when you can no stress as she had time thankfully before driving to Newcastle.

THE met me outside her Incall she was using on this occasion gave me a big hug and kiss to make me feel good. All you punters out there that’s what you get from this lady she has the ability to read all situations and react in a way that you automatically feel chilled.

Once inside the apartment THE suggested a shower together to release some stress , great idea. I must admit the shower turned into a hot session where I went to work on this ladies pussy with my tongue and I thought she was gonna bring all the neighbors in as she let loose with the most almighty climax fuck it was hot .

After the shower she knew her job was get my stress level down as THE is a big dog lover so she knew how I was feeling about my best mate being at the vet having treatment. THE gave me a lovely massage and told me to just lay there as she slowly teased me by entering her in a way that nearly did me right there and then. Luckily I squeezed my pelvic muscles tight as she rode my member with great passion while caressing me the whole time. Then next thing you know I was back in THE land which is a great place to be and we’re shagging all over this apartment until I let go with a load that came from my toes all the way up and bam all over THE . What a champion this lady is she KO,d me.

After all the shenanigans we had a jock chat and she explained how she had big plans for her business and service, I was extremely impressed with her drive and vision for her clients to have a better experience.

Needless to say THE’s next Sydney tour is this month and I have already booked my plane with the gorgeous , warm , beautiful woman that goes that goes by the name ‘ Thetantricprincess’.
Punters do yourself a favour and book this lady while she’s early in her career because believe me once people catch on to her service a booking won’t be easy.

Love and Light to you THE you’ve made a difference to this tradie.

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