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Date published: March 22, 2018 at 4:07 pm
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Kissed by a Rose (chapter 1)

I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Taylor recently while on tour in Sydney. After following her for so long it was just amazing to finally meet up with this incredibly stunning lady.
Taylor greeted me wearing a beautiful red dress. She looked absolutely ravishing and once our eyes met I knew & felt that our connection would be strong. That first hug & kiss were what I craved...so intense & so lovely.
In her room the view overlooking Sydney harbour was amazing...but believe me the view inside was spectacular especially once her sexy red dress slipped off...what a body. Wow!!!
Taylor is so charming & very sweet. It was so lovely to gaze into her eyes while we chatted, kissed & drank champagne...she is totally captivating and incredibly delicious. It felt like we kissed for hours...so yum!!
The heat generated in the bedroom was incredible. Taylor is an insatiable lover, as the passion intensified the raw energy and sexual chemistry were mind blowing. Being able to please & tease her was such a highlight...her lips & smile are so intoxicating.
We shared so much during our time together...it was supercharged fun with lots of laughs in between.
They say love is a drug, Taylor is a wonderful addiction and I really can’t wait to see her, touch her, taste her and kiss her again!!
Angelo xxx
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