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Date published: October 29, 2017 at 9:49 pm
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On October 22 I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting with miss Tash for the second time this year, she is exactly as sweet, kind, caring, and respectful as I remember her!

Miss Tash gave me the great honour of accepting an invitation to join myself, Jessie Lee Pierce, Alice Grey and Honey Adams in an awesome evening that began with some nerve easing drinks, conversation and jokes!

I have found miss Tash to have an absolutely amazing sense of humour, she has an extremely sweet and caring nature and can make you feel comfortable being with her, I always hoped that she would accept my invitation and I am delighted she did!

Miss Tash is an angel and I will always happy to arrange for a meeting with her and maybe next time only her, thank you again for sharing in a night that was the best of my life!

Meeting with miss Tash is an honour and pleasure, until next time beautiful angel, take care!
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