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Date published: June 14, 2015 at 10:35 pm
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Have read a number of excellent reviews on Tash, I could not wait to see her on her recent tour. A time and date was confirmed without hassle through a couple of emails. I was very excited in the morning, going through all the graphic description of her past encounters again. She did not disappoint me.

Tash gave me the detailed directions to her downtown hotel where she met me at the entry hall. When she emerged from the lift, I saw an elegant and beautiful lady smiling at me. I believed this must be Tash. We greeted each other and waited for the lift back up. Inconveniently, a hotel worker shared our trip so I had to talk about the chilly morning that sort of crap. The moment we were in her room, there was still a trace of uneasiness left from the lift. I passed her the donation and volunteered to have a shower, even I had one just 2 hours ago.

After I was back from a brief shower, she was already in silky black lingerie, highlighting her beautiful fair skin and ample boobs. We DFKed a lot while fondling and holding each other. I munched on her newly enhanced DD boobs which felt so nice and supple. When I moved down south, I discovered my ultimate favourite of luscious, cherry lips. With the combination of fingers and tongue, she gave out the most beautiful moans that I have ever heard. After she came down from the height, Tash gave me a very nice and sloppy BJ. We both enjoyed the sixty-nine that followed with more tongue and hand actions. GS was attempted at my request but she could not produce any. So there will be some homework to do for the next time, Tash!

Oddly enough, I still kept my sense of time in the midst of the exciting actions. So I asked her to ride me. She did in a reverse cowgirl that enabled me to see her in full glory. OMG, it did not take long for me to explode violently inside her. I tried hard to hold but how could I? Well, did not get around to try other positions, since my little mate was due for a long recovery by that time.

Tash is a lovely and sunshine lady and is easy and fun to talk with. We happily exchanged a bit our life experience and expressed our strong desire of seeing each other again in her next tour.

I checked the time again, it turned out to be the last few minutes. I showered and then watch Tash to have a shower. I left Tash with a big smiley face that kept me high for the entire day to say the least.

Thanks Tash…
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