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Date published: June 18, 2015 at 11:48 pm
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You know you have discovered the ultimate GFE when your new lover gives you permission to call her 'bae'. That's right, the term used by trendy young folk these days, mostly on the interwebz, and synonymous with baby, sweetie, babe, honey pie, and so on. I tend not to write reviews but the story of how I met my bae, is definitely worth telling.

Tash Hamilton has had some seriously good reviews very recently. So I thought I would adopt a more lighthearted approach to compliment the easy going and funny nature of this serious sex bomb.

It was my 'birthday week' earlier this year and I tried to organise a few dates, very last minute, and without much luck, to reward myself for living so long. When I contacted Tash, she sadly told me she was booked out for the one day she was in town.

Despite suffering that dreaded feeling of missing out, I continued to chat with her, including debating the healthiness of banana bread, before at some point she said five magical words to me. "Grrr my client just cancelled." Thank you Universe!
Being a true gentleman and knight in shining white armour, I asked where she was, knowing she would be in the CBD and an easy ten minute stroll away, I volunteered to fill in for a very sneaky, lunchtime sexcapade. For what it is worth, she gave the prior booking plenty of opportunity to try and make his booking, before giving me the glorious green light.

Whoever you are brah, thank you for your cancellation because my time with Hamilton was out of this freaking world.

Despite being late, as soon as she had confirmed the booking, due to the spontaneity of it all, I ran out to grab some cash and some sweets as I usually do. She told me not to bother with the sweets, time was short, so I took her advice. Though I recall her having a weakness for banana bread. Maybe next time.

Tash has some sweet photos mainly of her fabulously soft booty, rather than her face, so I did not know what to expect. She texted me saying she would wait outside of the serviced apartment block. When I arrived I cautiously approached a petite, cute, yet cheeky looking, girl next door with red hair and an infectiously sweet smile. She told me she had been smiling at random men for the past 10 minutes before we finally found each other. Poor bae. But I am sure she just made a handful of Sydney men very, very pleased with themselves.
Bae is incredibly bubbly and chatty and irresistibly attractive. I've always had a big ol' soft spot (or woody?) for gingers (apologies if that term is derogatory) after a failed high school love story. Red is her natural colour, and everything about her seems very natural. She was immediately easy to talk to and joke with, and our conversation from the lift carried on seamlessly into the bedroom. We did talk for sometime, more than I am used to, and the entire time, I felt deeply aroused every time our eyes met. She is stunning in my eyes. The way she brushed my leg with her hand may have helped with that too. When there was a lull in the conversation she asked me "So, what do you like?" to which I answered "Kissing" to which she answered "Me too".
I was elated. I was soon lost in a passionate kiss with this absolutely gorgeous girl, who was easily the best kisser I've met. She was soon grinding me despite being on the bottom, I saw that as my cue to start kissing my way down from her delicious neck for a spot of lunch, while I watched her writhe and gasp each time I landed a kiss somewhere sensitive. As always, bae comes first. The squirming continued as I camped down there for sometime. She was very vocal, which turned me on incredibly. I loved being on top, with her mouth in my ear, almost screaming in pleasure. She spent a short time riding me and giving me an amazing blowjob which got me hard enough to pull her to the side of the bed and literally fuck like a bunny until I was covered in sweat and every inch of me was grasping for air. Her ass is fantastically round and soft, and while I wish there was a mirror so I could see how much she was enjoying me, the moaning, the sheet grabbing, the way she pushed back, and the way her toes curled, were clear enough signals for me.
It was incredibly easy going, passionate, sensual and furious one hour booking. Next time I hope two of you cancel and I manage to book bae for a good two hours. I am literally sitting here bouncing, eager for all of this to happen again as soon as possible. I totes do not recommend you see her, but only because I want her all to myself. One last bae. Lolzzz.
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