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Date published: May 2, 2017 at 2:26 pm
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Meeting Tash took a little work. She is quite careful in giving out information so we had to do just that little bit more to get a date set. Guys...and girls (she is very much into them)...don't let this little thing put you off.....this girl is a gem!!

I have absolutely no regrets and would jump through hoops for her now.

Meeting her for the first time I knew it would all be ok. She was smiling and friendly and put me at ease immediately. She had just got off a plane but was bubbly and full of life. She laughs easily and we had a great time chatting. Obviously that was not the only thing you see her for and once she figured out I liked the girl to be more aggressive, she took control of the session. Which was perfect for me. She has a rocking good body...all so curvy. I feel I should have taken more time to maul her but got distracted. Her DFK's are fantastic.

My only regret is that I did not get her off. For me, it is always important that the girl has a good time and gets off. Next time I will work a little harder at this.

She puts people in a good mood I think. She did for me anyway and I was sorry there was no way to extend the session (I wisely decided not to bring more cash haha). I just was not ready to leave and the two hour flew by.

Thank you Tash for everything.
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