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Date published: November 16, 2016 at 2:16 pm
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This review is for those who love BBW - for those who want to try BBW (it will be the best try) and for those who do not love BBW (after one hour session you will start loving BBW, believe me!).

I had an opportunity to spend one of the best hours in my punting life with Tammith Mahogany. Her dimples on cheeks, her mesmerising smile and her adorable personality got me attracted to her. Communication started with an email and with very prompt reply from her side. We had a few emails in last one month to align our stars and finally today I was at her door steps. She lives in a beautiful area of New Farm in an upmarket top floor apartment, with articulate décor showing her talents and intellect. She is a photographer, a painter and loves every moment of what she does. She greeted me in a black dress. “Let’s go out for a drink and dance” type of feeling stuck to my mind but it was too early in a day! Yes, she is one with whom you would find yourself very comfortable socially if you go out with her in a party.

There was a funny moment. I was walking to her apartment, an envelope of gratuity slipped out from a bunch of roses I was carrying (later she twitted a photo of roses). When I realised, I rushed back (found it) but was caught by her looking from her apartment. We had a good laugh when I told if she thought I was running away from her, fast and furious!! All my anxieties were gone when she hugged me with a welcome deep kiss, our arms around our bodies, hugging tight and exploring each other.

In the bed room, hug and DFK continued, first standing and then me lying on top of her after getting rid of her black dress. She was wearing a fine pair of lingerie and her boobs waiting for getting attention. After lots of kisses above neck, exploration of boobs started. Slowly I could make both of them free from the prison of her bra. Very delicious nipples were responsive when sucked erotically. I still remember her one boob grabbed in my both hands and sucking the nipple – what a satisfaction

Explorers don’t stop after finding one land, my voyage continued down south in search of a treasure still caught up in the final piece of lingerie. She lifted her big booty to let the final piece slip out via her smooth legs. I threw that on the chair to make a pair with already lying bra there. OMG inside was already wet…. As if pre-lubed…. I licked and then my finger slipped to explore inside. All wet and ready to embrace my little master.

We had some more DFK followed by Spanish and CBJ. I entered her standing at the edge of the bed and pounded her energetically. My feet were slipping away as the floor was slippery. So I climbed onto the bed and continued in missionary which is my favourite. I then asked her to suck me till the end and she sat down on the floor with me lying on the bed with open legs on her both shoulders. Her CBJ was very much satisfactory and finally I came in the condom.

Both enjoyed hugs and some more kisses lying side by side and talked about our lives – as if I found my ages ago lost girlfriend in her. Time was never sufficient but had to take a shower, go back to complete my worldly duties. I left with the sweet memories of the gorgeous lady whom I will surely embrace again and again in times to come.
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