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Date published: September 20, 2018 at 7:04 pm
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I met Summer a few months ago when she toured Melbourne. I follow her on Twitter and Instagram and we've chatted a few times through the year. I've always been keen to see her but for some reason or another our dates never aligned... until it finally did! Summer msged me a couple of months in advance and told me about her July tour dates, which finally meant a booking for us.

I remember it being a cold and rainy day in Melbourne (what's new?) and arrived at the location few mins early. Summer came downstairs to receive me and called me into the elevator since I was right outside in the hotel lobby.

My first reaction on seeing her was how young and pretty she looked. She was wearing glasses which added to a sexy librarian look. That alone was enough to get me excited

One thing to note - It had been a while since I saw someone so I was super nervous before and immediately after meeting her. We had a bit of a chat for about 10 mins or so. I remember thinking that I must look like a nervous wreck during that time. Summer was calm and I suspect took her own time talking about random stuff to help me calm my nerves and get comfortable.

She then pointed me to the shower while she got things ready in the bedroom. After I showered, she went to take a shower too. I wish she mentioned that earlier so we could have gone into the shower together. Maybe next time

Following her shower, Summer showed up in lingerie that I mentioned I really liked from her photos (this was arranged during our chats prior to our booking). I loved seeing her like this in person and it got me really excited! We commenced our session with a bit of kissing. She said she doesn't do DFK but I think the kissing was still quite sensual...very much GFE style with a hint of tongue every now and then. It was enough to turn me on.

I moved to DATY which went one for a while... Summer really enjoyed and started moaning quite a bit. After a while, Summer asked me to stop as she was getting very sensitive. She grabbed one of her toys and started to finish the job while kissing me sensually. She came and it really was a turn on to watch her twist her body about and watch her bite her own lips.

My turn now and we started with some sensual and playful bj from summer. I am quite sensitive but Summer was very responsive and knew just the right amount of pressure and tongue to apply. After a bit of ball sucking and dick licking, I told her it's time we move to the main course. On with the cover and we started with cowgirl. Summer is very beautiful and her pics accurately depict how she looks. Watching her ride me with those beautiful boobs swaying close to my face was a real turn on.

Now as I said earlier, it had been a while since I spent time with anyone so I was already getting ready to cum. Not wanting it happen so soon, I suggested we switch positions. We moved to doggy...which in hindsight was a mistake - Mainly because it's one of my favourite positions, and also because Summer looked amazing with her peach shaped butt... the feeling and view was too exciting for me and I came only after a few minutes of pumping. It was an amazing orgasm and I think Summer was amused to watch me enjoy the moment so much.

She helped clean up soon after and we just lay in bed and cuddled for some time...chatting about random stuff. I was completely calm by now and very relaxed. This was one of the best GFEs I had in a long long time!

Time was almost up and I decided to head to the shower and get ready to leave. I suspect Summer probably would've been fine with me staying a bit longer but I wanted to respect her time more than anything. We planned this booking months ahead and after finally getting a chance to be together I wanted to leave on a good note.

We said our goodbyes and talked about trying to meet again during her next tour. So far our dates haven't lined up and it looks like her tours to Melbourne will be cut to a minimum because of a lot of no-shows. It's very unfortunate because from my experience, I think Summer's one of the best GFE I have had. DFK is very important to me, but despite not getting that, I really would see Summer again. Think of her as someone you would want to see after a long day's work to talk about whatever you want, and have a sensual and passionate time as well. Highly recommended!
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