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Date published: January 14, 2019 at 2:10 pm
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14TH jANUARY 2019

Imagine the perfect flower.
And its sole purpose is to exude universal love as naturally as the sun gives heat.
Its gift of unconditional love originates from those mesmerising eyes that totally disarmed you as they penetrate and reach into your soul. It is selfless in giving as it instinctively knows what you desire and need. To match its sensitivity is an excise in futility.
As the spectrum of love entails the gift of lust it’s not hard for this flower with its physical features to bring out those lustful feelings. It possesses the silhouette that Enzo Ferrari would envy, an infectious smile that can light the whole of Las Vegas, its moist luscious lips , long tantalising legs and the most beautifully proportion natural breasts I had the pleasure of experiencing. It can only be describe as ecstasy personified.
I was immersed into the most sensual experience of love making. The lust for the physical would transform into a deep romantic love.
I was gifted 12 straight uninterrupted hours of total joy with this flower. The only plans that were made that evening was to meet at 5.30 pm, the rest just magically unfolded.
Our date drew to a close and reality set in. This flower can’t be uprooted or even duplicated It’s not yours to take. This flowers love heals all.
The flower was played by SOPHIA CARTER.
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