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Date published: June 14, 2018 at 10:53 am
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Wow, this girl is hot: passionate, playful, mischievous... naughty! And a natural beauty - model looks. When I came out of the shower she was ready: naked, sexy tan lines and just the right mix of confidence, anticipation and vulnerability. We kissed passionately, before she dropped down on her knees and teased me to a rock hard erection; then eagerly into her mouth, all the way. At this pace I wasn't going to last long so we moved onto the bed where I slowly explored every inch of her, including DATY. She revelled in it:- I could taste her sweet, rising arousal and I kept going until she shuddered into orgasm, clenching my head between her thighs. For just a moment I thought I might suffocate but hey: if I had to go, this would be the way to do it.

Then, as they say, "shit got real". She loves sex and unleashed as we moved onto a roller coaster ride of various positions; she was adventurous, mischievous, uninhibited and fully committed, and I was making the most of that fit & firm supple body, fighting the delicious urge to cum. Finally we ended up in missionary. She flicked her clit a couple of times, just to get ahead of her own pleasure curve and then wrapped those long legs around me while I pumped away like a born-again stud until she quivered into another convulsing orgasm. That sent me over the edge big time; I came so hard my butt muscles cramped. After that she was ready for round 2 (3rd or 4th for her) but I was literally drained. We laughed and chatted away like long time lovers, lying in each others arms in a sweaty mess. Why can't more women be like this: intelligent, funny and poised one moment and then a bona fide wild-cat nympho the next? I had the time of my life. I'll see her again, soon xxx
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