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Date published: April 7, 2019 at 11:37 am
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I love this woman…
That opening statement does not come lightly; I’ve pondered about it for while but decided to stick with it. Here is why. I’ve seen her a few times now and:
When she opens the door, she is breathtakingly beautiful. Maybe a little reserved but most welcoming, very friendly and even if you yourself are a little shy or awkward, she makes you feel at ease in no time.
Very quickly you realise she is intelligent, witty, funny, relaxed, confident, flirty with a warm personality; the kind of person that will make you feel good just being in her presence.
Did I mention beautiful? Model material: (not skinny like runway models, but fit, like a swimsuit model) purrfection, the way Nature intended; and she maintains herself well: long black hair, a healthy toned body, no cellulite in sight, a bum you can bounce coins off and firm natural perky boobs that would put a teenager to shame… She clearly lives/eats healthy and works-out…
Lastly, she oozes sex appeal and luuves sex. And she’s good it; and what’s more, she makes you feel like you’re good at it. No faking; she engages, seduces, commits with enthusiasm, if you’re timid, she’ll guide you, if you’re confident, she submits - the world disappears; it is just you and her. Before we start I always ask her to take it slow - she never does... Maybe she think she does, but I never really mind… To me it’s an instant high, a roller coaster ride and then some. She makes you lift your game, you’ll try and keep up...

And when you think you can handle it… I dare you...: ask her about her little toy (or toys?…), then hold on for dear life. We still have more exploring to do in that area, but be warned: if you suffer from any heart or medical condition, you will die … with a smile on your face :))

I find myself staying longer and longer with her each time, an hour is just not enough… Luckily she’s no clock watcher (I’ve overstayed my time on an occasion or two but don't quote me on that… YMMV), unless she has another engagement of course. She makes you feel like you’re the only one - like she’d been waiting all day long just to see you, that you made her day by visiting and that she is sad to see you go at the end.

I always walk away feeling like singing, or climbing a mountain, or learning a new skill, or getting fitter (so I could keep up better), or conquering the world… and counting the days until I can see her again.
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