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Date published: November 17, 2018 at 9:43 pm
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Firstly, I should mention I’m a lesbian woman.
I had been following Scarlett on social media and decided I wanted to meet her in person. I therefore contacted Scarlett a couple of months prior to my brief visit to Brisbane. I knew she was popular and didn’t want the opportunity to miss
seeing her. I organised a dinner date (5hrs), which was a first for me.
On initial contact Scarlett was very professional in answering any questions I had. She appeared friendly in her responses. I really liked the fact that she didn’t refer to me as “honey” or “babe”. She suggested eating places and was patient with me in trying to work out the finer details. She communicated well throughout the whole process from the initial contact to the actual “date”. She just seemed a really lovely down to earth person.
Nearing the time to our “date” I was very excited and nervous at the same time. I was nervous as hell with my brain running havoc. I lack confidence and I’m quite shy sexually.
Sitting in the bar, Scarlett texted me telling me what she was wearing and that she was on her way up.
On arrival, she looked smart and casual and very attractive.As she strolled towards me she had a calm and confident demeanour. She tried hard to put me at ease. Admittedly my nervousness seemed to come and go, again the brain going havoc. Thankfully she seemed to be oblivious to this, chatting away. The conversation settled my nerves. And the conversation flowed. She is intelligent, interesting, knowledgeable and has a cheeky, quirky sense of humour. She was certainly fun to be around and I could have quite easily spoke to her about anything. She is beautiful (both looking and in personality). It was hard for me to imagine that she had a naughty streak.
After a lovely time over dinner we headed back to my hotel room. The whole experience was intimate, sensual and fun. I have difficulty expressing what I want sexually. Scarlett had picked this up and went at a pace I felt comfortable with. She certainly enjoys both giving and receiving. She very much gets turned on by knowing she’s giving you pleasure. I will not go inro all the details as that’s personal between Scarlett and I.
Whether you’re a man, woman or couple and are thinking of seeing an escort I would highly recommend seeing Scarlett. You won’t be disappointed.
Thank you Scarlett for a very enjoyable evening. Hopefully our paths will cross again xx
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