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Date published: March 26, 2017 at 10:59 am
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She Had Me Reaching Euphoric Levels, I've Never Experienced Before
I begin by noting the fact that this particular occasion, was the first time I had engaged a lady of Roxy's profession for a rendezvous. This was however, something I had wanted to experience personally for some time, and made a spur-of-the-moment decision to begin searching for a lady with whom to share my initial "transaction".I was unsure, as I scrolled through endless advertisements and reviews in search of someone I felt would make this experience everything I wanted it to be, and at the risk of sounding pompous, someone I believed to be worthy of sharing it with me. Someone who would acknowledge this occasion as a delicate, and somewhat special one.I was on the verge of putting the search aside for the night, when I came across an ad that headlined "Sexy, upmarket mature escort - For a Nite you will never forget - Guaranteed!!"For those of you reading this, I can assure you that the photos reflected within the advert looked good, and contained images of a lady who you would turn your head for in public hoping to catch another glimpse. However, there were a number of other ads displaying attractive females also in which I had repeatedly reviewed and decided to pass on. Sure, physical attraction is great and is a necessity for me personally, but I am also of strong "sapiosexual" nature, where I find intelligence and the human mind appealing.I found these traits, in conjunction with a devious sexual nature, in Roxy's ad and decided this was the lady I want to share this experience with. I only hoped that she would respond to my message enquiry now, as the night sky was beginning to seep sunlight, and I presumed I may have left my run too late.Efficiently, and within minutes, I received a return message, advising of her available status and proceeded in making the booking.Understandably, being a first-timer to this type of thing I approached the appointment with a mixture of emotions. I had heard many horror-stories from people having bad experiences with escorts, which naturally stayed in the front of my mind. I was nervous, shy, excited, hopeful and yet prepared for the worst.I received a message from Roxy explaining to me that she had arrived, the butterflies began intensifying. After the minor yet comical mix-up with the streets numbering convention, I saw a lady in a Blue Dress, oozing class and sex appeal, strolling towards me displaying a killer smile.Any reservations I had were instantly overpowered by the aura she was emitting.We got upstairs where we commenced our time together with some standard grooming, with an erotic touch. It was a nice experience. I remember watching her as she was performing the "man-scaping" admiring the fact that she did not seem bothered by the task, yet seemed to enjoy it, which again assisted in putting any unproductive thoughts and emotions to rest. There was general discussions about career choices, future aspirations and other general topics, as she continued with the quality endorsed "haircut". There were no feelings of uncertainty from my perspective when she asked me to "present myself in a vulnerable position" something I would usually feel uncomfortable doing for anyone else. Roxy proceeded to finish the grooming lesson, we cleaned up, and I was then instructed to lay on the bed, face down for what Roxy called a "sensual massage". It started pleasurably for myself, with the feeling of her hands, breasts, and fingernails navigating their way around my body. What followed next however, was something I believe to be false advertising. You see, this self-proclaimed "sensual massage" did not have what I would consider to be an appropriate name. I looked up the true meaning of sensual to re-confirm my thoughts. "Sensual - relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence in appetite". I mean sure, the massage succeeded in doing what it's name suggests I suppose. But it did so much more than that, it had me reaching euphoric levels that I've never experienced before. The feeling of her fingernails sliding down my back and legs, , her torso sliding up my entire body,. I never knew ones jaw could shutter the way mine was starting to from pure arousal until now. Every moment this went on I wanted more of her body touching me, and I wanted to be touching hers.Roxy introduced me to some things I have never had done before, but they're now things that I now fantasise about.This is the first time I believe I have experienced the true sensitivity levels of the head of my shaft. The jaw-shuttering and leg wobbles became more intense. It was one of, if not the most pleasurable sensation I have ever experienced. I remember at this point, looking over at the floor-to-ceiling mirror next to my bed and pointing out to myself that I want to eventually marry a lady with the skills Roxy was displaying. Roxy's appeal to me. Her actions, physicality and tactfulness achieved the complete and whole arousal of me. Although I know that this is Roxy's job and the way she conducts herself ensures repeat clientele, I like to believe that she did in fact gain pleasure from the experience also. This re-iterates and confirms my original hopes and suggestions that Roxy Rose was a good choice for my first experience with such a lady. Yes, I wanted to share this experience with her, however she also wanted to share the experience with me.
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