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Date published: December 20, 2017 at 9:59 am
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I've had my eye on Riley for quite some time now but hadn't been able to nail anything down with her due to my crazy work hours. Finally I had some holidays owed so the first thing I did was call email Riley to book a whole night with her. After waiting as long as I had to get to book her an hour wasn't going to be enough. I wanted the whole nine yards, and time to get to know her more, she's so fascinating.
I thought it'd be a lot more complicated to arrange, but Riley was very easy going to make a booking with and I felt very comfortable. I felt really comfortable booking her via email only as she is on twitter and I've gotten to interact with her which was reassuring to me that we'd get along and that she is a genuine and lovely lady. She even thanked me for the way I contacted her because she said it put her at ease straight away by how I messaged her. It was really kind of her to say that but all I did was follow the instructions she has on her advertising. haha Not hard ey?
We worked out all the finer details of what I was looking for and she was very enthusiastic about the booking and fulfilling my desires and showing me an amazing night.
I booked my favourite hotel for this special occasion and we had dinner at this great little French restaurant just outside the city that Riley recommended after asking a few key questions about what vibe I was going for, what my likes and dislikes were, and if there was anything I didn't eat, or would like to try. She really made sure it was the perfect atmosphere and something I'd never tried before that she promised I'd enjoy and she was right. I even tried the snails and they were pretty tasty. I absolutely recommend that you put your trust in her as a pretty well experienced foodie with exceptional taste to choose the perfect place for you for any type of date you book her for, and she loves doing it. The food was just the beginning though. I am not entirely sure how I feel about all the intimate moments of mine or Riley's night being put online so I'll try to keep it respectful. She dressed demurely for dinner in a lovely dress just past the knee and that showed her beautiful figure but not all of it so there was still a tease. For after dinner she had some very hot lingerie she changed into. Just exactly what I liked. She really does her best to find out all your preferences before the booking.
In the privacy of the room she is sensual beyond anything I've ever experienced, it was quite intoxicating or hypnotic or something. Whatever it was I loved it. She's also incredibly passionate and really let's herself go and takes you on a ride with her that's full of nuance and intention but also wild abandon. Not at all shy to ask for what she likes or to direct you to do things differently to work better for both parties. I really appreciated to tips and loved her forthright demeanour which I found really sexy because I love confident, assertive ladies. She's definitely sexy. She IS sex. Everything she does from the way she is always moving as if there's music playing just for her, to the way she tilts her head and holds her lips when you've peaked her curiosity during a conversation. It's all captivating and alluring and draws you into her world where her only goal is to make you feel like there's no one else on the planet, and she definitely does that. I am so grateful to Riley for a very special night I'll never forget. Or the following morning. Ha ha Best breakfast in bed I think I ever had.
Riley far exceeded all expectations I had or her and how our night would go. She is witty and vivacious as well as really relaxed and down to earth and seemingly really eager to please because she just really enjoys making people feel amazing. You can see her excitement build and build the more aroused you get, it's like nothing I've ever witnessed. She's hilarious when having a lark, and impassioned when talking about politics and social awareness issue. (I think I phrased that correctly) I learnt so much about all sorts of topics I was sorry to admit I had been clueless about, but will endeavour to learn more and be inspired by her passion to help others. My mission now though is to figure out when I can see her again.
If you've ever thought about booking this goddess don't put it off a minute longer. She's outstanding. I'm a huge fan. Thanks Riley. xoxo
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