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Date published: May 28, 2017 at 10:26 pm
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Riley is an extremely stunning and sensual lady. I am female, and had been curious about body slide massages for over a year now, but never got the chance to fulfill this particular fantasy of mine. I have followed Riley on Twitter for quite some time, so when I finally did the research and found out she did body slides, I was absolutely thrilled to find out that she did them.

I sent her a message and she responded promptly and professionally. Deposit arrangements were made and I booked an appointment for the next weekend, feeling quite excited!

The day came, and as this was my first ever time booking an escort I was quite nervous and not sure what to expect. Riley answered the door in a stunning looking dress with absolutely spot on makeup and she looked amazing. She spent some time making me feel more comfortable, sitting and chatting with me as we drank some tea and talked to break the ice, which made me feel much less nervous and apprehensive. Once I was feeling more at home, Riley gently took a hold of my hand and led me to the bedroom.

The massage was absolutely exquisite. Riley had a warmed up bottle of massage oil, and ohhhh boy, she has the assets to pull it off! I felt every single movement down my back and I was in heaven. Up and down with the occasional squirt of oil when it was needed, and I felt every single time her nipples scraped across me. Eventually, her mouth ended up in a place unmentionable and good lord, the girl knows what she is doing.

She is an absolute show stopper, and I would recommend Riley to anyone who asked me. She's very personable, easy going but knows what she's doing, and knows how to direct a person to where she needs them. Fantastic!!!!!!
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