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Date published: January 16, 2017 at 10:52 am
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Like the vast majority of men, my sex fantasy was to enjoy a threesome. Reading Twitter one day, a photo of Riley Alexander and Lila Payne together at a function caught my eye. I tweeted to the ladies that they would be a dream double for me. A little bit of flirtatious banter was exchanged, and then I contacted Riley with a message that if her and Lila were keen on offering a doubles service, then I would love to be their first booking. Happily, Riley and Lila were both keen, and from that point on, Riley managed the booking with complete professionalism. The date and time were set, a hotel recommended, and deposits organised. Riley kept in contact with e-mails asking me about what I would like to do in the booking and suggesting ideas for our session.

After what felt like an eternity, the day arrived and a fantasy was about to be fulfilled. My nerves were running riot, and then I heard the knock on the door. A deep breath, and I opened it. Riley and Lila were standing there, elegantly dressed, with beautiful, friendly smiles. I welcomed them in and we sat down for introductions. Riley brought along some cheeses and charcuterie for us to eat, and the two ladies quickly calmed my nerves with some delightful conversation and flirting. It had been a hot Melbourne day, so I excused myself and had a quick shower. On returning, I found the ladies had stripped down to their lingerie, they invited me to join them, and the play began.

The question about any kind of fantasy is that when it happens, does it ever fulfil the expectation? In this case, my expectations were blown out of the water. We had a two hour session and it was fun, playful, and at times, incredibly intense (so much so that I’m sure I blanked out from the pleasure overload). There is a superb level of communication and understanding between Riley and Lila, and both were very good at introducing me to some sexual play that I hadn’t ever considered. Both ladies are highly skilled in the art of great sex, and my legs were still shaking the next day.

I cannot recommend Riley and Lila highly enough, and the session was so enjoyable that we have made plans for another booking.
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